Zendaya Googling Her Own Net Worth Went Viral On TikTok, And Her Answer Is Delightful

There are only a few people who can say they are universally known and recognized simply by their given name. Zendaya joined the likes of Beyoncé and Madonna in this regard a few years ago when she was making a name for herself outside of her work as Disney kid. Today, she’s easily one of the biggest names in the world, so it would make sense that her net worth is up there. Interestingly, a viral video showed the star googling the info herself, and her reaction was nothing short of delightful.

Tea TikTok of Zendaya googling her net worth is seemingly taken from a portion of an interview. In the clip, Zendaya doesn’t really shy away from telling it like it is, as she hilariously shot down the alleged figure. You can see her sassy, ​​no holds back response in the video below:

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