Woman’s horror dog collar warning after pet strangled

A heartbroken dog owner found one of her pets lifeless in the garden after getting tangled in his brother’s collar.

Kimberly Raines has issued a stark warning to fellow dog lovers to remove their collars when home to prevent the same tragedy being repeated.

Shocked Facebook users replied to Kimberly’s post, admitting that they had no idea of ​​the dangers posed by a dog simply wearing a collar around its neck.

Despite her husband’s best efforts to revive German shepherd, Cesar on April 9, he could not be saved after pal Samson’s jaw got stuck in it during a play fight.

Samson and Cesar were wrestling as normal when the tragedy happened

Distraught Kimberly from the US told the Daily Star: “Please share this story to raise awareness about collar strangulation. In memory of my boy Cesar.”

She pleaded: “If you have two dogs or more at home. Please take off their collars while they’re home.”

Kimberly explained Cesar and Samson were left to their own devices outside for their usual playing but within the space of half an hour, Cesar was no longer breathing.

She said: “My two boys love to wrestle and play in the yard. This morning they got tangled up and my Cesar was strangled. They were only outside for 30 min, but during that time this devastating tragedy happened!

german shepherd
Kimberly’s collar warning has been shared on Facebook 20,000 times

“The unthinkable. Samson lower jaw was caught in Cesars collar. We had to cut Cesar’s collar off to release them. My husband performed CPR on Cesar but it was too late. We are devastated and traumatized. Heartbroken.”

In a touching tribute to her lost loved one, Kimberly urged other dog owners to help avoid suffering the same fate.

She said: “Please take your babies collars off at home! RIP my sweet boy, Cesar.”

Kimberly’s hope of spreading the warning as widely as possible was certainly realized as it has since received 21,000 shares on Facebook and has been reacted to nearly 7,000 times.

german shepherd
Kimberly took to social media on the day of Cesar’s death in the hope of preventing it happening to another family

The success of its circulation is likely due to how unheard of the risk of a collar is to dogs, let alone as a fatal one.

One person commented: “How terrible! I would have never thought this could have happened. I am so very sorry for your family’s loss.”

Sharing such an important message just hours into her loss was praised by another Facebook user.

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Someone wrote: “Oh my goodness Kim I am so so sorry for your loss. That is the unthinkable and the fact that you posted this while your heart is breaking-just to spare another family this grievance-is more than admirable. Your family is in my prayers.”

After 90 comments of people offering their sympathy for Kimberly, she responded herself to express her gratitude and surprise at how far her post has been shared.

She said: “Thank you all for your prayers. I never would have thought this post would be shared almost 20k times. I hope this helps save lives and heartache for all fur loving families.”


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