Woman slammed for charging dog sitter £1,600 to live in her house and look after pet

The woman has been slammed for trying to charge a dog sitter £1,600 to live in her home and look after her miniature dachshund while she goes on a luxurious two month holiday

She wants a dog sitter to live in her house for two months while she’s on holiday

When it comes to needing a dog sitter, many people turn to their close family or friends instead of hiring a stranger to mind their pet.

But not everyone has this privilege.

Sometimes, owners have to come up with their own solutions to make sure their pets are well looked after while they’re away – especially if they’re wanting to go away for the entire summer.

But one woman has been slammed for her “ridiculous” demands for a house sitter, who must pay her £1,600 for the privilege of staying in her house for about two months.

The “lucky” person must take care of her dog, chickens and quails while tending to her food garden – watering, weeding and harvesting the crops when needed.

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They must tend to her garden including watering, weeding and harvesting her crops


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The advert, shared on Reddit, reads: “Lovely Asheville home for rent during summer months.

“We’re looking for someone to rent our lovely house and foster parent our long-haired miniature dachshund, Charlie, for approximately two months this summer, from June 5 to August 12.

“Our ideal renter is a responsible single, couple or small family who will take scrupulous care of our home, and who will enjoy looking after the chickens and quails (regular feeding and watering) and the garden (watering and harvesting, a little weeding when necessary).”

While most users shamed the homeowner for her “crazed” demands, others pointed out how she is exploiting people to fund her lavish holiday.

One user said: “The point is you should be paid for services, not pay to deliver them. These people are looking to take a vacation and get paid while they do it.

“It’s 24/7 full time care of a home, pet, livestock, and garden, they should be paying you $4,000 a month”

Another user said: “These people are most likely dummy rich with a super nice house and are smart enough to know there’s a market for this thing instead of paying for it.

“The market they’re trying to reach has the flexibility and money to think this is a good idea. The people who don’t, including me, think this is delusional.”

A third user said: “Free is much more reasonable. You’d be house and dog sitting for them, so they’re still getting something in return. Expecting someone to pay and do these things is ridiculous.”

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