Winona Ryder Thriller Fizzles Out

The Cow offers a solid initial horror premise, but the mystery takes nonsensical routes that ultimately don’t work. Co-writer/director Eli Horowitz and co-writer Matthew Derby are a bit too on-the-nose for their own good. The Cow is the type of thriller that believes itself to be much smarter than it is, as the audience is always two steps ahead of the narrative’s reveals.

Eli Horowitz’s ‘The Cow’ is a mystery thriller

Winona Ryder as Kath | SXSW

Kath (Winona Ryder) drives to a remote cabin in the redwoods along with her boyfriend. However, they immediately discover that a mysterious younger couple is already in the cabin. It turns out that the rental was double-booked, but it’s already dark outside and there isn’t any cell phone reception. As a result, they decide to share the cabin for just one night.

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