Why your pet needs a shaded sun lounger this summer

Give your dog the gift of a perfect shady spot this summer. (Aldi)

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“HAS sun lounger for dogs?” we hear you thinking. “Isn’t that a bit unnecessary?” Actually, it’s not.

According to the Blue Cross, pets need to be protected from the sun, particularly if they’re a pale color. Vulnerable places include their ears, noses and sparsely-haired areas.

And, as with we humans, sun damage can lead to skin cancer which may require extensive surgery.

Plus, dogs overheat very quickly as they can’t sweat.

So if your dog adores chilling outdoors, maybe this sun lounger from Aldi, £19.99 seems like a better idea now?

why we miss it

First of all, we love this because it’s a genius idea. Aldi always seems to sell the kinds of things we didn’t know we needed, then find we can’t live without.

And secondly, it has a waterproof, UV50 canopy meaning your dog will be offered not only shade but also extra protection from the sun’s harmful rays via the lounger’s UV filter.

Your dog will thank you for this.  Yes, really.  (Aldi)

Your dog will thank you for this. Yes, really. (Aldi)

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According to the reviews, its a surprisingly durable steel frame that’s easy to assemble.

Plus, it even has a carry bag for if you need to take it on holiday with you.

And of course, it’s not just for pooches – it’s perfectly suitable for your cat too (if it decides to nap on it).

What the reviews say

Dog parents everywhere – to mention their furry family members – love this pet sun lounger for its quality, sturdiness and comfort. One woman even added a mattress on it for her pooch.

  • “Great bed for outdoors. Really pleased with quality of bed. Strong and sturdy. My two dogs love it. Easy to assemble. Great protection from sun. Great price for quality.”

  • “Our lab puppy adores this bed. She took to it in a shot, claiming it for hers. Atm we are using it without the shade, inside. It is so light and easy to lift and move about and yet it feels quite sturdy. She runs and takes a flying leap on to it and then lays and rolls on it. Both inside and out it’s very usable and stands about 6 in above the floor.”

  • “Perfect for the pooch to be in the shade in the garden! We hung a blanket over it to completely protect her from the sun.”

Buy it:Pet Collection Sunshade Dog Bed | £19.99 from Aldi

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Plus, we’ve done some price comparison and Aldi’s is way cheaper than others on the market.

Wayfair sell a similar design for £25.99, meanwhile Robert Dyas’ cooling dog beds are £34.99 or £44.99, depending on the size needed.

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