‘We still have time to save these dogs’

State Rep. Chris Campbell

EDITOR’S NOTE:The following is an op-ed written by State Rep. Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette) regarding recent reports of animal testing at Inotiv and other pharmaceutical companies:

Last week, like many of my constituents, I was shocked by the gut-wrenching videos from an undercover investigation at Inotiv, a laboratory in Indiana that conducts animal tests for pharmaceutical companies. The footage revealed the distress and death of thousands of animals including dogs, primates, pigs, mice, and rats.

Born in the sterile confines of a cage for the purpose of experimentation, most dogs either die during the process or are killed when the test is over. They have never seen grass or sunlight or snuggled on the couch with their favorite person. Never even afforded a name, just a number, most of these dogs will never experience a moment in life like the ones we take for granted with our pets.

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