‘We Do Not Own a Cat’ – Family Finds Stray Cat ‘Jack’ Napping in Den

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Texas romance author and professor Julía Bade got romanced by a black cat (later named Jack), who stole her family’s hearts. One day, the cat showed up and made himself at home on the sofa in the den. They had lived in the home for 18 years, and one day he adopted them. When they woke Jack from his nap, he seemed unphased as if he knew this was his home.

“We do not own a cat,” says the TikTok, introducing Jack. Even more surprising, Bade’s three large dogs went along with the idea. While the two black dogs seemed mostly uninterested, a curly-haired German Shepherd was in love.

“We have three indoor dogs who apparently let the cat in and decided not to eat him,” she explained. In the comments, she says she was quite surprised that her dogs allowed the cat into the home. Later on, the dogs continued to be gentle and took naps with the cat.

“He just came in and was like – sure. This one works. Lol!” Baden said.

Images and media via TikTok/juliabadewrites

🐈‍⬛ People Respond to Jack the Black Cat 🐈‍⬛

As cats often do, Jack went viral on TikTok, reaching 9.2M views after making his debut.

“Somebody was out drinking late last night and ended up in the wrong house again🥴” said one person.

“😂😂 Oh my gosh. That’s exactly what ran through my head. He wakes up like no big deal,” replied Bade.

She may not have owned a cat, but another person points out that “she does now.”

“You have been chosen!!! Meow,” said another person.

“It’s surreal for sure. Not chipped or anything. He left through the doggie door and came back in like nothing. Like here I am for now and forever, ok?” replied Baden.

“He is laying there like he pays the bills 😂😂” said someone else.

Jack Takes Over House and TikTok

After taking over Bade’s TikTok, her followers wanted Jack updates. Fortunately for the cat, Baden decided to adopt him.

As he adjusted to house cat life, they let him outside since he wasn’t familiar with using a litter box yet. Also, when he was inside for too long, the clever cat would pry open the screens on the windows wanting out. Then, when he got out, he stayed near the home, talking to them in meows.

“We named him Jack. This beautiful baby is exploring the house and making it his own. He refuses to use the litter box we got. He still asks to be let ou,t and now I feel obsessive he’ll get hurt or lost. It’s amazing how fast your heart changes! He’ll see the vet on May 25. The dogs are great with him. His favorite person is my older son. ❤️😻,” she wrote.

When the cat, named Jack by Bade’s sons, showed up, he was “dirty” and “full of fleas,” according to another Tik Tok. After talking to neighbors, she learned that the cat was homeless and surviving in the area for over a year.

“He apparently visits many people who feed him, but no one has committed to bringing him into their family,” she wrote.

After he arrived, Baden says she hoped the cat would choose to stay with them permanently.

“He likes his freedom, but we hope he’ll decide to keep us.”

An ‘Official Found Human’

In later videos, Julía Bade says, “I am officially a found human,” and became “obsessed” with Jack, who was “so much fun” and offered affection right from the start.

“How did I never know what it is to love a cat? 🥹❤️”

“Let the record reflect, the cat did indeed own the house, the dogs, the humans, and Tiktok page. 😂😂😂” someone commented.

“Lol!! He sure did,” replied Baden.

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