Video Captures Jamaica Zoo Lion Biting Zookeeper’s Finger Off

A video circulating on social media captured the moments a zoo caretaker was attacked by a lion in captivity.

The video was taken by onlookers as the zookeeper attempted to interact with the lion to create a show.

The video shows the lion biting off the zookeeper’s finger.

The man, which the Jamaican Zoo’s Instagram identifies as a “contractor,” was leading a tour for visitors to the zoo. The incident occurred on Friday in front of fifteen people. The contractor wanted to impress visitors, so he attempted to pet the lion.

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The contractor claps his hands, and the lion takes a swipe at the cage before the man puts his finger into the cage; that’s when the lion clamps down on it.

The man at first seems to be laughing but now notices his situation and tries to get his finger back; the lion refuses to let go, so the man braces his foot against the cage while the lion is attempting to pull back.

The man finally manages to break loose from the lion’s grasp, but he loses a portion of his finger to the lion.

A visitor to the zoo who asked to remain anonymous told Observer Online, “the entire skin and about the first joint of his finger was gone.”

The attendant was helped up and led to a vehicle before leaving the facility. A representative at the zoo said the incident was not made aware until mid-afternoon on Saturday. A senior police source also said they were not made aware of the incident.


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