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Before the advent of automobiles and engines, many people used animals such as horses to traverse distances quickly. Even today, we use horsepower to describe the power an engine produces (though a horse can produce around 15 horsepower and a human being a bit over a single unit of horsepower). In V Rising, these critters serve as a fast means of transport, carrying you through the night quickly and efficiently. Taming a horse and bringing it home is easy once you know what to do. For more questions about V Risingbe sure to check out our guide hub for the latest and greatest.

V Rising: Horse Hunting

Horses can be rather elusive. Wild horses spawn at areas marked with a horseshoe icon (hover over an area to see if it spawns them). Hostile mobs and enterprising players may have already snapped up the local horses in your area, so that may mean waiting for one to spawn.
Once you do find your equine companion, move up to it and hit the prompt to mount it. Once you’ve done that, start steering that fella back to your base. Ideally, you’ll already have a Castle ready to go for security, but beggars can’t be choosers. Congratulations! You are now one horse richer. You can name it using the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of its Tab menu.

You don’t have to lead a horse to water and make it drink when you can give it waterskins instead.

V Rising: Horse Care and Items

Your horse needs fuel, just like your Castle Heart. By crafting waterskins, you can keep it hydrated. If you’ve defeated Keely, you have access to a Tannery. This allows you to turn Animal Hides into Leather and other useful products. Plant Fiber and Leather will net you some empty waterskins. Go to a source of water and fill them up. Hit Tab when near your horse to put them in the horse’s window like any other crafting station. The waterskins come in stacks of 5 and keep your horse alive for several hours per waterskin. Once you’ve taken care of the setup it’s a trivial, but important, task.

V Rising Horse Just Vibing
Name your horse a cool, fun name like Grungus, or just keep it as “Horse,” if you don’t feel particularly imaginative.

V Rising: Horse Controls

Horses are fast, and their primary purpose is to help you and your stuff get from point A to point B. They aren’t great combatants, but you’ll be able to outspeed most enemies, especially if they don’t have a ranged attack. Despite this speed, they are harder to turn and you can’t spin them around on a whim like with your character. Once you’ve tamed your horse, you just have to hold the use key (F by default) near them to mount them. Left-click to use a mounted attack, hit Spacebar to toggle a gallop, and press Q to dismount. Don’t forget your horse where you left it!

The three traits a horse has are Max Speed ​​(self-explanatory), Acceleration (the rate at which they gain speed), and Rotation Speed ​​(how fast they turn). You can also check your horse’s lifespan via the Tab menu.

That’s it for our V Rising Horse Guide, check out more guides below!

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