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The Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection website states:

We sent questions about the new Trisha Yearwood pet food on March 7, 2022 and again two days later on March 9, 2022. We asked simple questions about the quality and country of origin of ingredients.

Who manufactures the pet food for you?
Are ingredients human edible? or are ingredients feed grade?
Are supplements human edible? or are supplements feed grade?
What is the country of origin of all ingredients and all supplements?

And based on the Trisha Yearwood dog food label image (below)…we asked:

The images on the pet food labels show grilled beef, grilled chicken, and grilled pork. Are the beef, chicken, and pork ingredients grilled as these images portray?

Seven weeks later, we have not received any response to our questions.

And we sent specific questions about label and website claims to Rachel Ray Nutrish pet food brand regarding a new food catering to large breed dogs.

On April 15, 2022 using the website contact form we asked Nutrish:

The chicken variety of Big Life dog food appears to have chunks of grilled chicken in it based on the product image. Per the product label they are referenced as “Tender Savory Pieces”. Are these ‘pieces’ chicken meat or are they a man-made piece to look like grilled chicken?

And the product label states “A Tasty and Satisfying Experience for Your Big Dog”. Can you provide information on what this claim is based on?

Below is the label image we were questioning. On the left side of the bowl are pieces of raw chicken, in the bowl and emphasized to the right inside the gold circle are pieces that look like grilled chicken – including grill marks on each piece. And right under the brand name ‘Big Life’ is the claim about the dog food being a tasty and satisfying experience.

This pet food label also included a couple of other claims we asked questions about.

Here is an image of the portion of the label we were asking about:

We asked: “Your website and label of the product states ‘Real Chicken’. What does real chicken mean? Is that USDA inspected and passed chicken?”

Your website and label of the product states ‘Helps support healthy hips & joints’. Can you provide information on what this claim is based on?

The JM Smucker company – parent company of Rachel Ray Nutrish pet food – responded the same day (April 15, 2022) via email stating “We wanted to let you know that our team is currently looking into your inquiry. We sincerely appreciate your patience, and will contact you as soon as we can.

Unfortunately, Nutrish has not answered our questions. We sent a second request to their April 15, 2022 promise to respond email on 4/26/22. Should they decide to respond in the near future, it will be shared with pet owners.

Wishing you and your pet the best –

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Association for Truth in Pet Food

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