Travis DesLaurier, His Cat Jacob and the Evolution of The Cat Dad

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Model, actor, and filmmaker, Travis DesLaurier is here to show the new evolution of the modern cat dad. As you see, real men love cats, and they want you to know it.

As we share time and time again: cat dads are the best, including our own Catman Chris.

“Did someone order a box of cat?! 😸🧺”

Pictures via Instagram/travbeachboy

The Evolution of the Cat Dad

In 2022, it’s time to be done for good with the outdated tropes and stereotypes. And judging by the overwhelming response, we know you love seeing the men-folk caring for these little fluffballs. After all, it takes a real man of character to empathize and care for animals, including the felines.

It seems the world is evolving when it comes to cat dads. Maybe, it’s exactly what the world needs now: to see the “tough guys” demonstrate how it takes strength of character to show love, kindness, and empathy for cats and all life.

To be sure, anyone, man or woman, adult or child, is bound to fall under a cat’s feline spell given a chance. Truly, that’s been happening for thousands of years. Even those who don’t think they are “cat people” at first can soon learn they had the wrong idea about cats. Once you spend some time with a cat, you quickly learn how affectionate, intelligent, loyal, funny, surprising, and entertaining they are. Combine that with a cat dad like this one and you might have the best of both worlds.

Below, we look at the evolution of cat dad Travis DesLaurier and his cat Jacob.

“I hope this isn’t the face girls make when I’m kissing them!” 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ Jacob: “Get me the Fluff out of here!”😳

Travis DesLaurier and Jacob

Cat Dad Travis DesLaurier

Travis DesLaurier, 37, is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For a decade, he owned and operated construction companies starting at age 18.

However, now he’s also a stuntman, artist, guitar player, skydiver, basketball, and Ultimate Tag player known as “Beach Boy.” Oh, and he’s trained as a sniper and in parkour too.

In 2014, the buff motorcycle driving tattooed DesLaurier started doing social media, and it “blew up.” We can’t imagine why. On Instagram, he’s known as travbeachboy with over 772K followers. His intro reads “🤓Creative DORK who loves cats!😼” and his goofy sense of humor and personality often show.

Travis holding up Jacob, tattoos

For example, here’s why DesLaurier’s adopted orange tabby Jacob got his name:

“Travis adopted Jacob as a kitten and says the cat’s name may or may not have been an effort to make fun of the Twilight movie series,” wrote catster.

Jacob as a kitten

“Throw back Thursday… Look how cute and small Jacob is!!😺”

Young Jacob with Travis

Notably, Jacob’s additional nicknames of endearment include Fluffy Bastard and “Mr. Soft Pants” after his fluffy cat legs. Over the years, DesLaurier says the “little fluffy bastard” Jacob has kept him smiling.

🏋️ Exercise Routines, Cat Scarfing, and Cat Yoga 🧘🏻‍♂️

Soon after appearing on social media, the model started showing Jacob in funny videos, including exercise videos, which gained international interest. (see video below).

“Your cat is your best friend, and you should know how to work out and spend as much time [as possible] with them,” he said.

At the time, Jacob was nearly 20 pounds, and the model started holding him up as part of a funny weight-lifting routine and yoga poses.

British This Morning Host Ruth Langsford asked him why he started picking up Jacob:

“I don’t know, he’s just a chill, docile cat,” DesLaurier replied. “I thought it would be hilarious to collaborate with him on a workout video. He’s been talking about losing weight for some time now.”

Jacob’s favorite exercise: “I think cat-scarfing for sure,” said DesLaurier. “I’ll put him over my shoulder and we just hang out.”

“It’s these cold winter days, when a #catscarfwill keep you warm!😝😼”

Travis with 'cat scarfing'

Apparently, the actor has “been cat-scarfing since ’92.”

“I only wear the finest of furs!!😼”

Travis with 'cat scarfing' 2

Video by This Morning:

Following His Dreams

Following all the online interest, DesLaurier moved to LA, pursuing his modeling, acting, and filmmaking career. We Fluffy Bastard TV, he produces short films in the awful, thriller, suspense genre.

In February 2017, DesLaurier professed his love for Jacob.


For Halloween 2019, the two dressed up as cops together, then as doctor and nurse. Over the years, they’ve been seen in all sorts of roles: rappers, professors, and nerdy types – you name it.

“When Jacob and I have to play the “good cop, bad cop routine,” it can get dangerous.👮🏼‍♂️😼 As you can guess, he plays the bad cop😂”

In costumes, model and cat

Quarantine with Jacob During the Pandemic

After the pandemic started, Jacob may or may not have wanted some space. However, the cat dad and Jacob frequently appeared together, passing the time in quarantine.

To Travis, he was grateful to be in lockdown “with the cutest, fluffiest cat in the world!”

Model and cat hugging

Other times, the two were going stir-crazy like the rest of us. As you can see below, they looked quite serious which is far from the usual.

“Our faces whenever someone asks us how we’re coping with quarantine… We bored!😼🤦🏼‍♂️”

quarantine, cat and model

🐿 Emily Joins Travis DesLaurier and Jacob 🐿

Last November, DesLaurier welcomed Emily the cat into his home with his 9-year-old orange tabby Jacob.

“Meet Emily! 🐈‍⬛😸 The new addition to our small family❤️ I’ve been wanting to get Jacob a friend for awhile meow, but it took some time to find the right kitten. Yes, she adopted, and has many squirrel-like qualities! 😅 Hence her nickname🐿 The second photo about sums up how it’s going! They love each other, don’t be fooled by Jacobs face 😅”

Travis DesLaurier and Jacob

Always, Jacob will have a special place for this famous cat dad and his legion of fans!

“Dad, stop it, you’re embarrassing me in front of the birds, now they’re not gonna be scared of me!😾”

Travis and Jacob

You can follow Cat Dad Travis DesLaurier, Jacob, and Emily on instagram and Facebook.

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