This strawberry tart recipe is easy to make

Hello, Enquirer readers. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rita Nader Heikenfeld – food journalist, cooking teacher, blogger and author.

Growing up in a big Lebanese family in suburban Cincinnati, food was not only sustenance but a way to show love in a most personal way.

My parents started married life on Third Street in downtown Cincinnati. They were Findlay Market shoppers long before the market became trendy. I remember my Aunt Norma Nader’s grocery store Downtown, as well. The aroma of fried kibbi wafted through the open door.

We grew up eating the famous Mediterranean diet. Funny thing is we never called it that. It was simply superior to us.

My culinary career blossomed when my husband, Frank, was general manager at the former Heritage Restaurant in Cincinnati. Owners Janet and Howard Melvin asked me to teach my first cooking class. That was around 1990. I was more than nervous, but somehow it all came together.

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