The Pedro Pascal Movie We’ve All Been Waiting For Has A Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

By Doug Norrie | 15 seconds ago

Pedro Pascal has one huge production currently running in the Star Wars universe with another massive video game adaptation on the way. But in the meantime, almost as a throw-in to some of the other big-budget work he’s been doing, the talented actor joined on for a very meta-comedy/ action film that explores all sorts of ideas around fame, fiction, escapism , ego, and a whole lot more. With Nic Cage, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent has been a highly-anticipated production for a while now thanks in large part to just what a cool idea it is. And from early accounts, it completely works. Currently, the Rotten Tomatoes score is sitting at 100% with folks absolutely loving what they’ve seen in this film.

In The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, Nic Cage plays himself, an actor who in this scenario is on the tail-end of a very successful career. He’s the Cage we know and love, having starred in all of those big-budget flicks but now the Hollywood calls have started to dry up. That is until Pedro Pascal as Javi Gutierrez calls, a billionaire who wants to pay for the pleasure of just hanging out with Nic Cage, partying, having adventures, and just basically becoming friends. But then things take a very weird turn. Check out the trailer for The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and you can see what I mean.

See, it seems that Pedro Pascal in this scenario is a very dangerous man and the CIA needs Nic Cage to infiltrate the criminal organization, retrieve information, and maybe even take the bad guy out for good. It’s going to mean Nic Cage drawing on those action movies of his past, having to channel the on-screen Nic Cage that we’ve come to love over the years. It looks like Cage being Cage with all the mannerisms and sarcasm. And Pedro Pascal looks every bit the part of a bad guy who might really just want Cage as a friend. It appears brilliant.

And obviously, on that front, critics overwhelmingly agree that this movie completely works. They are praising writer and director Tim Gormican’s work on this one seeing as how he was seemingly able to encapsulate Nic Cage’s career work into one perfect film. And they’ve also agreed that Pedro Pascal is a scene-stealer as well, clearly able to hold up his end of the bargain in this meta film. It makes sense considering the actor’s malleability and overall gestalt on screen. He can play a number of different guys at once.

Of course, Pedro Pascal has some other huge things coming up sooner than later. He’s got Season 3 of The Mandalorian, the series that’s ignited a massive wave of Star Wars productions on Disney+. And he’s also set to star in the live-action adaptation of The Last of Us based on the popular video game series. But before those, check him out in this movie with Nic Cage when it hits theaters in the United States on April 22nd.

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