The Best Gadgets for When You Feel Bad Leaving Your Pet Alone

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Lleaving a beloved pet home alone while you go off to work—or, worse, on a short trip—can be challenging. While we can’t be with our pets 24-7, there is plenty of technology available to us to make sure they’re safe and well-cared-for in our absence. Here are some of our favorite gadgets that can help keep our pets fed, watered, active—and even connected with us—while we’re away.

Fart cameras

pet monitoring cameras are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners. They come with digital screens, and some pet cameras even have speakers that allow you to communicate with your pet from afar Tea Furbo Dog Camera is among the most popular pet cameras—yor can see and talk to your pet and even toss them a treat. The camera tracks important events in your home and sends you alerts if it detects an emergency.

Smart doggy dyes

Suppose you’ll be gone long enough that you know your dog will need to relieve itself; or you simplement want them to have the freedom to run around the backyard. In that case, a smart doggy door is a worthwhile investment. Unlike traditional dog doors, smart electronic doors allow your pets to go in and out if they’re wearing a special collar. If you’re not home and want pets to stay inside, many smart doors allow you to lock them so your pets can’t escape.

This popular smart doggy door from PetSafe comes in various sizes. When your pet wears the SmartKey collar attachment, the door automatically senses it and unlocks.

Automatic watermountains

Fresh drinking water is essential for all pets, and with automatic fountains, your pets have continuous access to clean water, so they never go long being thirsty. Petlibro has several types of dog and cat automatic water fountains to keep your pets hydrated. Many of them are quiet, provide filtered water, and are easy to assemble and clean.

Automatic feeders

Similar to an automatic water fountain, an automatic feeder helps keep your pet fed while you’re away—and many automatic feeders come equipped with cameras so you can see your pet while also ensuring they have enough to eat. There are automatic pet feeders specifically designed for cats and some for dogs. VShoose one that allows you to schedule feeding times and set portion sizes.


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