The 8 Best Dog-Proof Diapers for Saving Your Sofa

Dogs: our true ride-or-dies, our best friends. Yet, it’s no secret—especially if you own a charismatic pit mix that has personally victimized your leather shoes—they can also be the destructors of our homes. Everyone and their Yorkshire Terrier-owning grandmother enjoys quality time on the couch with their four-legged bestie, but once we’ve settled in, cracked a cold one, and popped Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the television, we don’t want to have to worry about our handsomest-baby-in-da-whole-wide-world tearing up our new ultra-comfy custom sectional. But don’t worry, because we found the solution: dog-proof layers.

Yep, there are sofas designed specifically for withstanding the impulses of our pets; they fearlessly anticipate the realities of pet ownership, and come in stain-proof, scratch-proof, and washable fabrics. Our pups (and cats) have no mercy for our furniture, so we need all the help we can get. Thankfully, a few of our favorite retailers sling some durable but still radiantly attractive sofas that your dog won’t rip to pieces before you even have a chance to make a permanent butt indentation. After all, your rescue dog may take your freedom, but he’ll never take your Mario Capasa Feathers Sofa.

If you’re looking for pet-proof furniture, your hunt ends here, because we wrangled a few of the best pieces of dog-friendly furniture, including sofas, lounges, and accent chairs, for those of us with a companion that woofs, loves us, and unsolicitedly eats our shoes.

Burrow offers chic but durable fabrics

All of our four-legged pals deserve to be seated on a throne, and the peeps over at Burrow know it. Bow down to man’s best friend and give your pup the best darn seating arrangement their rump (and yours) has ever popped a squat on with items from The Nomad Collection, especially this gorgeous jade-green velvet sofa with tapered mid-century modern legs that come in multiple finishes. All furniture in the collection is made with easy-to-clean, scratch-proof, and stain-resistant synthetic fabric. If, god forbid, an accident happens on the couch, all you need is a bit of water and soap to clean up.

$1595 did burrow

If it’s just you and a wonderful Corgi in your shoebox apartment, a chair might be more in the cards. Lucky for us, Burrow just dropped a collection of accent chairs to place in front of any butt-naked walls that need some sprucing up and extra seating. The top-rated Block Nomad Armchair and Block Nomad Armchair with Chaise (think of the latter as a sectional for one) are ultra-comfy and visually versatile, ready for the corner of your office or a prime spot in front of the Roku. Plus, each chair has a perfect five-star rating, so pop ’em into your cart, and get ready to kick back and

$995 did burrow

$695 did burrow

take it easy.

Interior Define’s “performance velvet” has a pet-proof weave

Sleek, dapper, suave—all the words that describe us (and this sofa from Interior Define). Sit your tuchus on the James Three-Seat Sofa with Contrast Piping and sink into its cozy down-filled cushions. This piece is made with performance velvet fabric (built to resist “sticky fingers and dirty paws”—sounds good to us) that’s tightly woven to resist any snags from your precious pooch’s paws or teeth. We love it in coral to add a punchy pop of color to any room, but can also imagine our spaces zen’d out by the toned-down, rustic vibe of neutral shades like Camel, Mink, and Fawn. Peruse the gazillion customization options, and, you’ll find other styles that come in 22 different fabrics ranging from tweed to leather.

$3045 did Interior Define

For smaller spaces, dogs, and dump trucks, go for the leather Maxwell Chaise Lounge, which has vintage flair that makes us want to turn our living quarters into one of James Bond’s bachelor pads.

$2595 did Interior Define

Mario Capasa’s ultra-comfy furniture is built for pet lovers

Get a taste of Italia with designer Mario Capasa’s Loft modern lounger. This durable, vegan leather lasts two times longer than regular leather, and is stain- and water-resistant, so you can sink into the memory foam and drift off into snoozeville with your dawg. Just to be clear, napping is allowed all hours of the day. It’s specifically designed to be dog- and cat-proof, according to the brand’s website.

$4200$1599.95 did Valyou

Thank heavens Mario Caspasa’s famously comfy Feathers Armchair and Feathers Sofa is a part of an early Memorial Day sale, cause we want the whole seat, but we love deals, deals, deals. Both pieces are stain- and dog-proof, with removable and washable fabric in case of any unfortunate surprises. Memory foam and back rest cushions make for maximum comfort when you curl up with your personal direwolf.

$2950$1499.95 did Valyou

$1200$499.95 did Valyou

Now, who’s ready for a ride in the car?

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