Territory Foods offers fresh made by local chefs, our review

Do you hate cooking but don’t want to order take-out every night and feel unhealthy? Or perhaps you love to cook but don’t have time or enjoy grocery shopping. Either way, we have the answer to your problem—Territory Foods.

Territory Foods is a locally sourced marketplace and platform offering healthy meals that are dietitian-designed and cooked by chefs in your local or nearby community. The meal delivery service has reimagined modern eating by giving customers a variety of better-for-you choices that are just as delicious as they are healthy.

How is Territory Foods different from other meal delivery services?

The main difference between Territory Foods and its competitors is that it puts local sourcing and delivery at the forefront of its brand promise. Territory makes sure its ever-rotating, regionally curated menus always feature fresh, non-inflammatory ingredients that optimize whole-body health, support a wide variety of dietary preferences and have minimal or even zero environmental impact. While many competitors use factory assembly lines, Territory’s chefs create high-quality meals with incredible flavor in local production kitchens instead of one central commissary.

Territory Foods gives back to the community

Not only are you eating the freshest meals possible with Territory, but you’re also putting those dollars directly back into the local economy. Plus, shoppers can enjoy guilt-free deliveries with recyclable and compostable packaging to support sustainability efforts and save the environment. Also, with every Territory order, Feeding America will recover more than a pound of food and share with someone facing hunger through a network of national food banks in the US

Territory Foods

Territory Foods is customizable to wellness preferences and offers meals suited to dietary needs such as paleo, plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, low fat, low carb, Whole30, Keto Reset, and Mediterranean diets. The meal delivery brand doesn’t use gluten or dairy products and is free from refined sugar, making most diabetic-friendly meals. All meals provide the calories, macronutrients, ingredients (down to the dressing!), and even the name of the chef that prepared them.

Four Territory Foods meals on a kitchen counter.
Territory Foods

Territory offers up to 30 different meals every week for each market, twice a week (Sundays and/or Wednesdays), starting at just $13 a meal. The best part? They heat up in just 90 seconds.

Our Territory Foods review

While pre-made, microwavable meals don’t have the best reputation, I was very impressed with how much I enjoyed all of my Territory Foods meals and how long they lasted in my fridge. Living in NYC, I enjoy the restaurant scene a few days a week and eat a prepped meal whenever I don’t have plans. While I’m notorious for my Sunday night meal prep routine, having these meals on hand was extremely convenient, and I was excited to eat them too.

Delivery was seamless, and each meal came organized (exactly as pictured online) with clearly labeled ingredients. I enjoyed every meal I tried, but my favorites were the dill and apple chicken salad with creamy balsamic dressing, the beef bolognese with spaghetti squash, and the chicken burger with sweet potato fries and chipotle ranch sauce.

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