Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien Thought Nightwing Casting Rumors Might Have Been True

Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien says speculation that he had been cast as Nightwing/Dick Grayson even had him wondering if the rumors were true.

Rumors about Dylan O’Brien’s casting as Dick Grayson/Nightwing became so prevalent that even the Teen Wolf star thought there might be some truth to them.

“It’s so funny whenever I see these, rumors like this have ever popped up, I even start thinking, I’m like, am I just missing emails or something? Like, what’s going on, you know?” O’Brien said in an interview with Tara Hitchcock about his new movie, The Outfit. “Yeah, it’s not true. I haven’t heard it. I think it’s always so funny to report back to fans or speculation that there’s zero truth to it, because it’s really, like, underwhelming.”

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O’Brien said made similar comments in a recent interview where he was asked about the validity of these Nightwing rumors. “I’m aware of it, I’ve seen a lot of it,” the actor said. “I’ve not heard anything about it on the professional side, but it’s cool that it made its way to me, to the point where I asked my manager ‘Is this even an actual thing?'”

Earlier this year, rumors suggested that “an actor we know all too well from MTV” had been cast as Dick Grayson/Nightwing in HBO Max’s upcoming Batgirl movie. This led fans to believe the actor was O’Brien, who portrayed Stiles Stilinski for all six seasons of MTV’s popular Teen Wolf series. However, recent set photos tease that Batgirl will add a new Robin to the DC Extended Universe.

While O’Brien’s casting as Nightwing remains only speculation, Warner Bros. tapped The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay to helm a DCEU film about the Batman character in 2018. While there hasn’t been much movement from Warner Bros. on the project, the director stated in a June 2021 interview that there is still hope for a Nightwing movie.

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“I hope that we still get to make that movie. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not lost yet,” McKay said. “It is obviously something that… [Warner Bros. and DC have] had other priorities, they’ve had other challenges. They’d had things that they needed to do, and I think that they found their way, with their recent successes, and the stuff that they are planning on doing now. I think it opens the door for us to still be able to do a Nightwing movie.”

The following month, McKay added that Nightwing “is still a movie that I really want to do.” He said, “I love the character of Dick Grayson as a young adult, becoming his own kind of superhero character. It was gonna be really primal and pared down and like a real red meat movie in the best way.”

Batgirl does not have an official release date but is expected to premiere exclusively on HBO Max in 2022.

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