Taurus to Cancer: 4 Zodiac signs who prefer spending time with pets rather than people

Having the companionship of that little furry around is truly a pure bliss for certain people. A lot of people feel safe and comfortable around their pets as compared to humans. We all know a friend who is too extreme when it comes to their fur babies. These pet moms and dads really treat their pups as a kid and can even ditch social gatherings just to spend the time with their fuzzy little pets. As per astrology, few zodiac signs go above and beyond to be with their playful mischievous pup as for them their pets are family. Read on to find out who these people are:


Taurus born are extremely devoted to their pets and for them, their furry paws are their life. They love being surrounded by animals and feel relaxed and happy around them. They treat the responsibility of their pet very seriously and soft cuddles and pup kisses are just like a haven for them. These people adore animals and prefer their company over any interpersonal relationship.


Virgos are yet another crazy pet lovers that would go to any extremes just to protect their pets and to be with them. Virgo-born is infatuated with animals and natural beauty and they neglect their social gatherings just to spend a major chunk of their time playing and feeding their pets. They even cook and prep their pets with new meals and interesting foods and feed them with their own hands.



Sagittarians are extremely caring, compassionate and always help these beautiful creatures. Not only their own pets, but people with this zodiac sign care for stray animals equally. They devote their time to animal shelter houses and for them, there is no better feeling than engaging and contributing to the welfare of animals and dedicating their time to them.



Being high on emotional quotient, cancer-born people understand even the little pain of animals and always find spending most of their time connecting with their furry companions. They tend to have a lot of pets in their house and are constantly on the lookout for more. Moreover, feeding and loving street animals are their much-loved way of spending time. People with this zodiac sign create deep connections with animals over emotional touch, without uttering a word.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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