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Little Chowder was living in an abandoned house surrounded by rubbish when he was picked up by Stray Rescue of St Louis – and is now enjoying life with his new family

Chowder was so happy to be rescued from his dire situation

He embraced his rescuer in an adorable cuddle after realizing he was being taken away from his ‘dumping ground’ home.

And is now enjoying every second of his life with his new family.

Chowder was living amongst a pile of rubbish in an abandoned house before being rescued by Stray Rescue of St Louis, in Missouri, America.

The stray puppy was suffering from punctured wounds on his face, possibly from being beaten by a stranger who spotted him on the streets.

Relieved to see his rescuers, the little pup practically jumped into their arms and embraced them with a hug, thanking them for taking him away from his dire situation.

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He was living in a pile of rubbish in an abandoned house

A statement from Stray Rescue of St Louis reads: “His eyes are messed up and he has puncture wounds on his face. Despite what he’s been through, he is so happy. He is safe now.

“He just buried his face in our arms on his freedom ride. The thought of anyone treating him bad makes us so weepy. This angel needs us.

“We’re so grateful to the callers for taking action. Once he’s fixed up, he’ll be looking for a family who will love him for his entire life.”

Chowder practically jumped into their arms

Little Chowder was taken to the vets who started work on tending to his wounds and treating his inflamed eyes.

“He has a great appetite and is loving showing off for all of us with his puppy hops and twirls,” the statement adds.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Chowder to secure a loving home with owner Jennifer and her children.

When checking up on his progress, a team member at the animal rescue center said they burst out into tears when hearing about how well he is doing.

Chowder receiving treatment at the vets

Nine-month-old Chowder in his new home

The statement reads: “We asked his family for an update and we’re crying. She didn’t know his rescue story so when we shared it with her, she cried, too!”

Sharing his new owner’s words, Jennifer said: “Oh my God! This breaks my heart! I can’t believe this.

“He will never know that again and is so loved and spoiled. He’s already 60 pounds at nine-months-old.

“Thanks so much for sharing – we love to hear everything about him – it makes us love him even more.

“My kids are actually playing with him in the backyard as I speak, he’s crazy full of energy. Thank you for saving him!”

Stray Rescue of St Louis works to rescue and rehome animals that have been “abandoned, beaten, bred, fought, injured, terrified, defeated and betrayed”.

They state: “The minute they arrive, we look in their eyes and promise them all the second chance they deserve for health, home, commitment and love, no matter the time or cost.”

To learn more about the rescue centre, or to support their work through a donation, visit their website.

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