Stray proves that everybody does want to be a cat, actually

Cats seldom get the love and respect they deserve in video games, in my opinion. It’s pretty common to be able to pet dogs in games—in fact, there’s a whole Twitter account (opens in new tab) dedicated to it—but our feline friends are often overlooked. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla lets you pick up and cuddle the decisively giant kitties that roam the various lands, whereas in Fallout 4 you can only pet them with your eyes. Cat Quest offers a sweet bipedal cat adventure, but what about a game where I can actually be has cat?

Enter Stray, a fantastic new game from BlueTwelve Studio. This team of French cat lovers have designed a game where you play as a little stray orange kitty. While the cat in Stray has no name, he reminds me of my red son, Steve, so that’s what I’ll be calling him. Stray is a third-person catventure through a long-forgotten city inhabited entirely by robots. Here, you’ll need to use your cunning to solve an ancient mystery should you ever wish to find your way home.

(Image credit: BlueTwelve Studio)

A furmidable detective

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