Someone In Carlton Is Taking Pics Of People Abandoning Their Dog Poo

Move aside poo joggers — there’s a new type of methane threat in town. They’re like the Batman of public poos — the Dog Poo Picture Phantom of Carlton. The spiritual nemesis of a poo jogger, if you will.

Someone is taking timed pics of people not picking up their dog poo and TAPING THEM TO THE GROUND.

It’s the most powerful piece of public owning sine the ye olde times when people used to throw tomatoes at one another in the village square.

Observe this picture captured by Twitter user @elegant_grinch.

Apparently this Poo Picture Phantom isn’t the only one.

There’s also a polite dog poo note leaver in Fitzroy. Personally you couldn’t pay me to bend down this close to someone else’s dog poo, but there you go.

Some people are just dedicated to public service I guess. Or should that be poo-blic service?

I have many questions about the Poo Picture Phantom.

How often do they do this? Is this for every abandoned dog poo or just repeat offenders? How are they sticking the poo pictures to the ground? Will they be running for political office any time soon?

Melbourne had its first official poo jogger in May of 2020. Maybe now it’s time for the anti-public poo people to finally take their stand.

A true battle for the streets of Victoria. The pooers and the anti-pooers.

According to replies on the Tweet, poo shaming has also become a thing in certain community Facebook groups. Honestly the best thing to come from Facebook since marketplace.

“Someone was named and shamed for this in our local FB group and they’re now a local pariah,” one user wrote.

Not just publicly naming and shaming but also including a 14-second video? I have to imagine that this person installed CCTV for the express purpose of catching poo-leavers. Either that or they’re hanging out of their window, waiting to pounce.

The group I really think we should be sparing a thought for though is the poor dogs. It’s humiliating enough to have to shit outside let alone being photographed in their most vulnerable state!

Consider this my official call: more community dog ​​poo bag dispensers and justice for the pooing pups.


Image: Twitter / @elegant_grinch

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