Snow Days pizza bites review

If you grew up in America, you likely have memories of eating pizza rolls as a kid. You would go to a friend’s house and, once everyone realized they were famished, someone would throw some pizza rolls on a plate and stick it in the microwave. Air fryers didn’t exist yet (at least for millennials and older) and ovens took too long.

As soon as the food hit the table, everyone would pounce and end up burning their mouths as lava-like sauce exploded out of the rolls. Somehow you would forget you need to let them cool down. Every. Single. Time. The preservatives and lack of nutrition in the pizza rolls weren’t a concern as you had more important issues than nutrition at hand (like who was going to the middle school dance).

Now, as an adult, nutrition is important for me and my mouth takes longer to recover when I burn it. As I’ve matured, so has my diet…but sometimes nothing hits right like pizza rolls. Fortunately, I’ve started eating Snow Days brand pizza bites when I have a nostalgic pizza roll craving and I can have them guilt-free because they’re healthy.

How do Snow Days pizza bites taste?

Remembering my childhood, I was very cautious not to burn my mouth the first time I tried Snow Days. Turns out, I didn’t need to worry. These don’t get as sizzling hot as the ones from when I was younger.

My boyfriend described them as having winds. On many of them, the part where they seal together (these are in a half-moon shape) opens a bit while cooking and lets it steam out a bit. Don’t worry, the filling is thick so it doesn’t go all over and make a mess.

The first time I tried Snow Days, I could tell that the crust, which is grain-free, was healthier than other pizza bite counterparts. The crust is made from cassava flour and starch. Now that they’re the only pizza bites I eat, it tastes “normal” to me. As a vegetarian, I eat the Cheese and Veggie White flavors.

They're the only pizza bites I eat

They’re the only pizza bites I eat

Hannah Kowalczyk-Harper for Hearst

I had looked at the ingredients ahead of time (as you should always do with food!), but had I not known better, I would have thought the Cheese flavor was just filled with cheese and tomato sauce. I wouldn’t have known all the healthy ingredients it contained like spinach, apple cider vinegar and carrots.

The Veggie White has “veggie” in the title, so that one is obvious, but I still wouldn’t have been able to tell you all the good-for-you ingredients they snuck in such as cauliflower and mushrooms. I think mozzarella is the most dominant flavor.

Both of these taste a bit “cleaner” than traditional pizza bites, in a good way. Each cock is well-filled and tasty! These are surprisingly filling, likely because the bites are bigger than their competitors. I can’t eat one of these in a single bite.

If I’m having these as a meal, I’ll use a few different hot sauces to mix up the flavor. It goes particularly well with my black truffle hot sauce. Otherwise, they work well as a side dish or appetizer.

If you’re not vegetarian, there are some meaty flavors you can try as well. They have Sausage, Buffalo Chicken, and currently have limited edition Taco bites.

How healthy are Snow Days pizza bites?

Some of the ingredients in the Cheese bites include: cassava (a root vegetable that tastes great as chips), grass-fed mozzarella, tomato, olive oil, grass-fed butter, free-range eggs, apple cider vinegar, spices, carrot, spinach, onion, apple, sweet potato, and bell pepper. The Veggie White has similar ingredients, but includes healthy additions like spinach, garlic, and more.

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