Share Photos of Your Pets for National Pet Day!

By edhat staff

Today is National Pet Day! In honor of this informal holiday, we’re sharing the above photo of Winston and Churchill, two dogs that frequently visit the Edhat Headquarters. While they weren’t born in the UK, these brothers have adopted some British sensibilities. They greatly enjoy biscuits of the canine variety, afternoon tea is a must, and don’t you dare disparage the Queen in their company.

It’s not all about cats and dogs, today honors any kind of household pet. Guinea pigs, birds, bunnies, and even rats are all examples of a pets people keep in their home and they should be honored today too! Send in photos of your pets with a personality description in honor of today to

By Joan (aka Ringo’s mom)

Ringo Starr is quite the problem solver, tenacious, lively, and inquisitive. Always excited to attend the latest social event, whether that’s going to the office with mom or dad, meeting friends for walkies, or dinner at The Brewhouse. Lap-warming is also at the top of his to-do list, which he is most excellent at.

By Debbie
Bruce. Best Dog Ever. Parties, loves babies, loyal, kind, faithful, just the best.

By Patrick
These are our girls, Wilma and Betty. They love a cornmeal treat.

By Samantha
Poppy girl relaxing.

By Diane
Wearing his Grateful Dead bandanna, indignant because he has to use batteries cause his owner can’t walk a pooch anymore. So loving even so!

By Pat Fish
General Tobe Mule, star of the weekly adventures exploring local trails. Happy to be modeling the latest in Australian saddle fashion.

By Jenna
Loppy waking up from a nap.

By Javier

By Valerie
Hannah, sweetest girl ever! Love people, walks, and treats! She has succeeded in training me perfectly!

By Dan
Errol, a lionhead, prefers his mate most of the time but loves his morning petting.

Charlie, a Holland lop, as an Ewok on May the 4th. Charlie is the house alarm clock, 5:30 every morning he is in the bedroom making sure we know it is breakfast time. Most afternoons around 4:30, we find him staring at the fridge waiting for his afternoon veggies.

Cashew, aka the squeaky dictator, having an evening snuggle under a towel. Around feeding time, he starts squealing until we feed him. Also, any time he hears the vegetable bins being removed from the fridge, he ‘requests’ a snack

By Anissa

By Dee

By Sylvia

By an edhat reader
This is Sunny, he is 1 year old today April 11. Sunny has been with me since his birth. At 8 weeks old he got sick and went to a medical foster. At 11 weeks old the shelters Vet said he had neurological damage and should be put to sleep. I asked for him back and over 2 days nursed him back to health. Sadly the shelter still wanted to put him to sleep because of the Vets diagnosis. I adopted him and found out he was hypoglycemic and all he needed was some sugar to get his levels back up. Today he is 1 year old and a healthy 12 pounds. Sunny is the calmest kitty ever, he just loves to hang out with his humans. I am so happy I saved this beautiful kitty.

By Amy, Todd, and Mary
Here’s our baby Daisy she’s a rescue that was found in the streets abandoned, scared, matted fur and needing love. She is so sweet and so special I can’t imagine anyone leaving her. And with her is our princess kitty Lucy.

By Rebecca
My two 14 year old sweet senior souls Rocky and Bry!

By Christine
Lucy & Theo @lucythegoldenlove

By Sally
This is Emma, ​​our 18 month old Aussiedoodle. Yes, a COVID puppy. She is named Emma because our last name begins with “M”!
She is obsessed with a ball, or actually any round object that could maybe pass as a ball, and will bring it to you to be thrown at any time of the day or night.
She also loves the beach and goes into the water, sometimes getting her whole head wet, usually chasing the above-mentioned round object, but sometimes just for fun.
She has not met a dog or a person that she doesn’t like. She’s lots of fun.

By Anna
Our very first fur babies who we had for about 15 13 years and 10 years. May they RIP from bottom left to right. Chiquita (mom), Tatiana (daughter) and Coffee (dad). Our newest fur baby Rio.

By Jill
Bella the box loving kitty

By Already
This is Moku

Moku & Kumu are brother and sister. They love each other.

By Henry

By Mary
Gingy Ratatouille Flycatcher and Buddy MacGillicuddy pointing the way to their food bowls

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