Self-Reliant Dog ‘Boops’ Its Own Nose In Adorable Resurfaced Clip

With no one available to “boop” a dog’s nose, the self-reliant pup appeared to do the task on its own in a resurfaced viral video.

Shared by Reddit user u/TwasAnChild to the forum “Aww,” the video received more than 56,000 votes, though this is not the first time the clip made an appearance on the website. u/CAP_X shared the video about a year ago to the same forum where it received 129,000 votes.

A popular gesture on the Internet, a piece published with Hill’s Pet Nutrition defined a “boop” as a “gentle tap on the nose.”

“Through this fun booping nose action, you can form a deeper connection with your dog,” the piece stated. “It can also be a sweet way to greet them.”

A sweet clip showing a dog “booping” itself has resurfaced on Reddit. Above, a stock image of a hand reaching out to “boop” a puppy’s nose.
Vlad Yushinov/iStock

While it’s generally an innocent gesture, not all dogs will enjoy it.

“If you notice that your dog pulls their face away when you try and tap them on the nose, they are most likely signaling that they are not a fan,” the piece stated. “In these cases, a gentle back or head scratch will suffice as a bonding opportunity that they’re sure to love.”

The sweet clip shows a white fluffy dog ​​laying down with its eyes closed steadily tapping its nose with its paw.

“When no one is around to boop this dog’s snoot, he boops it himself,” the title of the post read.

The viral video delighted viewers, who did not hesitate to weigh in.

“Pretty sure he’s sending out some Morse code,” one viewer jokedly wrote.

A Reddit user replied and quipped the “message” the dog was sending via Morse code was, “Send. More. Treats. Stop.”

Another made a reference to the television show The Office and advised the message could be a warning.

“At 8AM today, someone poisons the coffee. Don’t drink the coffee,” they joked.

Some commented that they wanted to “boop” the dog’s nose themselves.

“Sometimes I wish I could teleport to reddit land because I would bury my face in his fur…and boop the snoot,” one comment read.

“I’m amazed nobody is around to boop that snoot, it is so boopable,” read another.

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