See Christina Ricci Go From Cute Housewife To Demon Fighter In Monstrous Trailer

By Doug Norrie | 12 seconds ago

Christina Ricci has always been able to bring a stoic creepiness to her roles when needed, something she seemed to hone early on when she was perfectly cast in the original The Addams Family movies all the way back in the early 90s. And she’s forged a career taking interesting roles along the way. Now, her latest movie has her getting back into the horror side of things with a flick that looks like it could be pretty darn scary. The trailer for Monstrous just dropped and it’s looking very much like it will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.

In Monstrous, Christina Ricci plays Laura, a woman who has moved to a remote house in California with her young son. They appear to be in a bit of flight mode with it seeming as if they’ve taken up this residence in an effort to escape her abusive ex-husband, and father of the boy. Set in the 1950s, things start off fine enough with the two getting used to their new surroundings and trying to make a life for themselves safe from whatever terror the husband used to bring. But the house might have problems of its own with a monster living on the premises. Check out Christina Ricci in the trailer for Monstrous.

What’s interesting about this movie, at least as it appears in the trailer, is there seems to be a definitive question as to whether the monster that’s attacking Christina Ricci and her son is real or possibly a figment of her imagination. This comes across when she asks a doctor (?) over the phone whether she needs to go back on medication. It opens up the possibility that this kind of thing has happened to her character before, and it could be an even scarier proposition. Regardless, what’s happening on-screen with Christina Ricci here looks pretty terrifying, especially as the evil gets ramped up.

In addition to Christina Ricci, Santino Barnard is cast as Cody, her son. And Colleen Camp is part of the production as well. But the cast is light seeing as how this appears to be a pretty insular film. It’s really just the two of them and whatever demon is deciding to haunt this house. Chris Siverston is in the director’s chair for this one with Carol Chrest handling the script.

Christina Ricci is fresh off her role in Showtime’s hit Yellowjackets which received nearly universal critical acclaim. She played the older version of Sammi Hanratty’s Misty on the series. It’s already been renewed for a second season. And she’s also set to star in Netflix’s wednesday series which will tell the story of that Addams Family character in her formative year. Obviously, Ricci played that character originally, though for this series she has an undefined role. That is set to hit the streamer at some point this year after wrapping filming late last year.

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