Puppy with ‘lots of love and kisses to give’ overlooked because of eye growth

A three-month-old rescue puppy is being overlooked time and time again for adoption because of an unsightly growth on his eye.

Miniature poodle crossbreed pup Mighty Midge has watched all his siblings secure new homes after being saved by an RSPCA inspector – but is still waiting for his turn.

The Mirror reports that he was taken to one of the charity’s animal centers by an inspectorate team earlier this year.

Despite being a sought-after breed, little Mighty Midge hasn’t been able to secure a new home – possibly due to having cherry eye, a condition that can affect pooches’ eyelids.

Mighty Midge has a case of “cherry eye” affecting one of his eyelids

Unlike humans, dogs have three eyelids rather than two. Their third tear gland can become swollen and red developing into ‘cherry eye’, so called because it creates a small pink bulge protruding from the eye itself.

Animal welfare charity The Blue Cross says ‘cherry eye’ commonly protrudes from the corner of the eye nearest the nose.

They said: “Cherry eye is a common condition inherited in certain breeds of dog, and in rare cases, it can arise in cats.

“Although unsightly, cherry eye doesn’t normally cause any discomfort to dogs or cats unless it is left untreated and complications occur.”

Despite being a tiny puppy, Mighty Midge is said to have a “big character” and is courageous, adventurous and “super friendly” with people and other dogs.

A statement from the RSPCA’s Sheffield center reads: “He just wants to please. He is into everything wanting to be involved.

“He sleeps in his little bed on the floor by the side of my bed all night. He is used to traveling in the car and it sends him to sleep in his carrier.

Mighty Midge is just three months old and waiting for his forever home
Mighty Midge is just three months old and waiting for his forever home

“He doesn’t wee or poo now until early morning. He is used to going in the garden but uses puppy pad too.

“He is a delightful little man with lots of love and kisses to give.

“We know he is a little different but this amazing baby also deserves his forever sofa, just like his siblings have found.”

The food-loving dog can live with children and other puppy pals – but still needs to learn that “it’s OK to be alone” sometimes.

He will need to be taken to training classes to help him grow into a well-rounded adult dog.

Mighty Midge’s tale is tragic – but there’s some good news on the horizon for the little pooch.

He won’t have to suffer with cherry eye for much longer, as vets will be correcting his condition when he is old enough to be neutered.

And the cherry on the cake? The RSPCA says that Mighty Midge has finally been reserved – giving this little pup’s story a happy ending.

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