Popular chocolate Bundt cake recipe works as miniature cupcakes

Easter eggs can be enjoyed year-round.

While at the Atari gaming company, Steve Wright coined the phrase in 1980 to refer to hidden messages or jokes in video games, according to writer Bill Bradley at huffpost.com.

Movies also are popular for the technique of planting clues with meanings and connections outside the plot.

The Easter egg can be as simple as a film director or producer making a brief appearance in the movie. Think Alfred Hitchcock in many of his films and comic book writer and publisher Stan Lee in the Marvel movies.

Examples of more elaborate Easter eggs abound too. The carpet pattern in sinister Sid’s bedroom in the Pixar animated movie “Toy Story” matches the flooring in the haunted hotel in “The Shining.”

But, the concept of Easter eggs is not known. Clues, notes and items of interest can be tucked in tangible things too.

As a cookbook collector, I occasionally find inside vintage books recipe newspaper clippings or scratch paper with scribbled notes on how to make a dish. Those are in effect Easter eggs, pointing to dishes of note.

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A recent addition to my collection is “The Modern Family Cook Book” (1964 edition, originally published in 1942) by nutritionist Meta Given (1888-1981). An aunt who loves to “go junking” recently paid 50 cents for the 632-page hardback book and passed it along to me.

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