Pet Owner Shows Aftermath of ‘Catnado’ In Hilarious Video

A cat owner has shown the hilarious results of a self-described “catnado” hitting her apartment.

Owner Regan took to TikTok to show the world the mayhem her loved cat Frankie is able to cause, in a video with a combined one million views.

Regan first shared the video in March 2020, but took to the app again this month to mark the one-year anniversary of the event with a re-post. Both videos gained 500,000 views each.

Cat Frankie proved just how similar pets and kids can be, with an apparent inability to turn your back for more than one second.

“In today’s adventure of ‘what the f**k did Frankie do?’,” narrated Regan as she panned around from a normal-looking apartment to show the first sign of destruction. “Oh look, toilet paper,” she said.

But it didn’t begin and end with toilet paper. Regan opened the bathroom door to show the cat-struck room, destroyed by Frankie. “Oh look, my bathroom,” she shouted.

Storage drawers had been completely knocked over, with objects sprawling along the floor and some even fell into Frankie’s own litter box.

“Frankie! Holy s**t,” said Regan in the video, showing one corner of the room covered in torn-up toilet paper on the floor. The culprit however was seemingly unfazed, running past as his owner asked bluntly: “What the f**k?”

Stock image of a cat with destroyed toilet paper.
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According to Regan, Frankie wasn’t locked in the bathroom by any means, and had the whole apartment to roam (or destroy) if he wanted to.

Cornell University reports that some forms of destructive behavior from cats are innate and part of their nature, like scratching objects. Pet MD however ranks further behavior, including ruining objects, especially in order to get the attention of the owner, as “secondary destructive behavior.”

Pet MD also reports that not enough daily activity or exercise is one of the main causes for some destructive behaviors.

Viewers of the viral TikTok video claimed to experience similar behavior from their cats who were left lonely without a playmate. Regan confirmed that Frankie is not an only child and is stimulated thanks to his two feline siblings in the apartment.

“Try unplugging him and plugging him back in,” joked one viewer. “Frankie woke up and chose parkour…in the bathroom,” added another. One user wrote: “I am sorry he trashed your bathroom…but it’s hilarious.”

Despite this, Frankie is apparently a “sweetheart when he wants to be,” according to Regan, but has since destroyed the bathroom another time, seemingly thanks to an unsecured shelf.

Newsweek has contacted Regan for comment.

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