Over 90%]& It’s All ‘Pyaar’ No ‘Maar’ For Akshay Kumar’s Actioner

Bachchhan Paandey Soars High In How’s The Hype? (Photo Credit: NadiadwalaGrandson/Youtube)

Akshay Kumar’s Bachchhan Paandey is all set to hit theaters tomorrow all across the country. Being an Akshay Kumar starrer, the film is enjoying a good pre-release buzz. Let’s see how it fared here, in Koimoi’s ‘How’s The Hype?’.

Saare Bolo Bewafa song

The song has a backdrop of a wedding. It seems the bride (Aroosa Khan) was a lover of Akshay Kumar’s gangman, who is marrying another guy. The highlight of the song is Akshay, Aroosa’s dance and B Praak’s intriguing voice. 82% of our voters liked it.

Maarkhayegaa Song

It describes Akki’s character as savage when it comes to killings. The song is weirdly engaging with some quirky moves and intriguing villainous looks of the actor. A huge 90% people voted in its favour.


The trailer introduces us to the filmmaker Kriti Sanon, who wants to make a film on a brutal gangster Bachchhan Paandey played by Akshay Kumar. But things aren’t easy as there are a lot of twists and turns in the tale. The trailer is packed with full-on action and fun. 92% of voters loved it!

new date announcement posters

Two posters were released announcing the new release date of 18th March 2022. In one, Akshay Kumar is seen carrying a bag of weapons on his back, giving sunglasses with full swag. Another one features Akshay sitting in front of a truck, which is jam-packed with his gangmen. Around 87% of our audience loved the posters.

Pic featuring Kriti Sanon and Akshay Kumar

It features Kriti and Akshay with their looks from the film. While Akshay looks dreadful, Kriti’s glam look mesmerises you. It has been liked by 90% of our voters.

Akshay’s straight face look

This one shared by Akshay had him in his Bachchhan Paandey look with a straight face that looks menacing. 91% of voters loved it.

Akshay’s first look

It glimpsed us with never-seen-before Akshay’s look. He looks menacing with a long beard, scattered hair, scar on a face and stony eye. 94% of our audience loved Akki’s unique look.

Bachchhan Paandey announcement poster

It has Akshay giving a South Indian look with killer swag. He’s seen wearing a black lungi along with gold jewelery around his neck and a ‘Nan Chaku’ in his hand. It received likes of 92% of voters.

On the whole, Bachchhan Paandey has received a thunderous response and love from our audience with 92% of them giving a THUMBS UP! Yes, the film will face a stiff competition from The Kashmir Files, but Akshay Kumar’s presence would be enough to give the film a good start at the box office, as it’s clearly seen from the unprecedented results.

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