Once Feral ‘Ron Burgundy’ Became Local Celeb Helping Shelter Cats

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Sure he was named after a popular Will Ferrell character, but life for Ron Burgundy, a cute Tuxie kitty with an unmistakable mustache didn’t begin so easily. Like many cats, he started life as a feral kitten. Born five years ago in a woodpile at a horse farm, this frisky black-and-white cat and four littermates were rescued by Diedra Wallis, a kind woman who has dedicated her life to caring for our feline friends.

“I was living and breathing trying to save these cats,” Wallis said. “If they hadn’t been rescued they would have been lost to the elements, wildlife, etc.”

Wallis, who lives in Nevada, successfully found homes for all of the kittens but there was just something about this little black-and-white waif and she simply couldn’t part with him, The Record Courier reports.

“He had me wrapped around his little paw, he’s my guy,” she says.

Pictures via Instagram/A Cat Named Ron Burgundy

The Adorable Tuxie Who Wins Hearts Everywhere.

Really, who could resist this little face with his Ron Burgundy mustache?

Tuxie, Ron Burgundy

As you might expect, Wallis is a major Will Ferrell fan.

“I am a die-hard Will Ferrell fan and the name fit him perfectly with his big mustache and silly personality,” Wallis says.

Ron Burgundy, Cat

Ron Burgundy Won for Cutest Critter

Ron is so adorable in fact, that he recently won the Nevada newspaper’s “Carson Valley Cutest Critter” contest, receiving nearly 1800 votes and beating more than 200 entrants. But then, as his instagram shows, Ron is an engaging little fellow.

For Record Courier Associate Tara Addeo, it was a chance to start the New Year off with a bit of good news. Something pleasant and enlightening.

“Since the Carson Valley loves their pets, whether big or small, we thought it would be fun to start the New Year off with something different,” she says. “They were all so cute I’m just glad I didn’t have to decide who won.”

tuxie winner

And Ron had some tough competition, including dogs, cats, horses, cows, lizards, and even an ostrich. But with that adorable topsy-turvy mustache, he won out. The contest has proved so popular, that Addeo intends to bring it back next year.

Wallis Feels A Deep Bond With Cats.

The connection between Wallis and cute Ron runs deeper, however. Wallis’s parents died while she was in high school. Orphaned at 18, all she had left was her childhood kitty. So obviously she felt drawn to this sweet Tuxie kitten and his siblings.

“I had a bit of a unique experience, being orphaned while still in high school and turning 18 and being considered legally an adult pushed out into the world,” Wallis says. “During that time it was just me and my childhood cat, I experienced the phenomenon of a pet truly becoming a family member and helping me get through the most difficult times of my life.”

Ron Burgundy cat belly

Will Ferrell, Hottie with a Dad Body

Caring for Ron and other feral kitties reminded her of how bereft she felt and she found ways to help them because she knew they had given her so much.

“Feral cats have so much to offer,” she says. “It just reminds me of how I felt as an orphan and having that same experience of working with animals and giving them that same love and family as they gave me.”

In the clip below, which features Ron and his sisfur Brookie, a “purrody” of Selena Gomez’s “Lose You To Love Me” we also find out that Wallis can sing. Quite well, in fact.

Video via YouTube/A Cat Named Ron Burgundy

Walking To Help Feral Cats.

Now Wallis and cute Ron spend time advocating for feral cats. Ron, with his affable personality and askew Tuxie “mustache”, has turned into a celebrity in his own right. At least in the Carson Valley neighborhood where he lives with Wallis, her partner Michael Allen, Brookie, and a parade of cute foster kitties. On most days you can see Wallis and Allen with Ron and Brookie in tow in their cat stroller walking the neighborhood.

“They are very well traveled and love the Carson Valley,” Wallis says. “They are Carson Valley kitties for sure!”

cats in carrier

These neighborhood strolls are the perfect opportunity for Ron and Brookie to get a few pats from friendly residents but for Wallis, it’s also a way to educate people on the plight of feral kitties.

“Most people who see them will laugh and smile, but it’s always about spreading awareness and encouraging people to adopt whenever possible and we always refer them to local adoption agencies.”

Tuxie Kitty And Mom Advocate For Shelter Kitties.

Wallis also recommends that people visit local shelters to spend a little time with the animals to show a little companionship whenever possible. After all, being stuck in cages can be isolating and stressful for cats (and dogs, of course).

“I highly encourage people to visit their local shelters and if they are in position to adopt, then do so, but sometimes just volunteering with the shelters and spending time with the animals can make a huge difference in their lives and our own,” Wallis says. “And that goes for any animal, not just cats, we’re just passionate about felines, ourselves.”

Tuxie-faced cat

Rescuing cats whether they are neighborhood strays or completely feral might be one of the most rewarding experiences there is. We can take comfort in making a cat’s life easier and provide them with the love they need. Tuxie Ron Burgundy is an excellent example of such a kitty who now has a wonderful life. He’s cute as the dickens, isn’t he? Especially in this video where he and Brookie riff on Kanye West.

You can check out Ron Burgundy’s YouTube channel here.

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