Oakwood Dog Rescue charity shop set to open in Hull city center

Oakwood Dog Rescue is set to open a new charity shop in Hull city centre.

The charity specializes in rehoming ex-street dogs from overseas as well as UK dogs.

Founded in 2009, Oakwood Dog Rescue already have one charity shop on Hallgate in Cottingham.

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The second charity shop will open on King Edward Street in Hull at 9am on Monday, March 14.

Gemma Catchpole is one of the volunteers helping to get the new charity shop ready for opening on Monday morning.

Speaking to Hull Live, Gemma said: “It’s been a manic couple of weeks, but we’re almost ready to open.

Some of the charming doodle art

“The donations are already in and we’re just making the finishing touches to the inside. We’ve had some doodle art done on the windows and it’s looking really good.”

Gemma, who has volunteered with the charity since last summer, explained that Oakwood Dog Rescue receive most of their funding through the charity shop, so the second location will give them a huge boost.

“We’re really excited to open and welcome people into the shop. It makes such a massive difference to the dogs who need rehoming.”

Oakwood Dog Rescue works closely with groups in Romania to get as many dogs as they can off the euthanization list at the overpopulated dog shelters throughout the country.

The new shop will open on Monday
The new shop will open on Monday

Once they’ve been brought to Hull, Oakwood Dog Rescue work to rehabilitate the dogs and get them ready for adoption.

Gemma explained: “Some of these dogs have never had a home before and it can take a long time before they trust you. That’s why Oakwood’s work is so important.

“At the new shop, we will sell anything and everything, but we have a special ‘dog corner’ that is fully stocked up with pet supplies.”

The shop's 'dog corner' with pet supplies
The shop’s ‘dog corner’ with pet supplies

The shop will be dog friendly, so customers are welcome to bring their canine companions in with them while they are shopping.

Gemma also said that they are looking to recruit more volunteers to help with the new charity shop, so if you think this could be for you, either message them on Facebook or head down to the shop and meet Gemma in person.

In closing Gemma said: “Thank you to everyone who helped set this up and a big thank you to Hornsea Freeport for the donation.”

The shop is looking to recruit volunteers
The shop is looking to recruit volunteers

The new charity shop on King Edward Street will be open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4.30pm.

You can find out more about Oakwood Dog Rescue’s Hull shop by following them on both Instagram and Facebook.

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