NZ Post courier lashes out at dog while delivering package

A NZ Post courier driver has been caught on camera hitting out at a barking dog with a broom, and the dog’s owner was “distraught” when he discovered the damning footage.

Manurewa man Glenn Sattler told the Herald the incident occurred on Monday afternoon when the driver was delivering a package to his neighbour.

Video from cameras on both properties show Sattler’s staffordshire-cross Peppa standing on steps and barking, with only her head visible from the neighboring property.

Responding to the barking, the driver picks up a broom and brings it down over the fence, breaking off the brush in the process.

The man picked up the broom from the neighboring property and lashed out at the dog. Photo / Supplied

The angle recorded by Sattler’s camera shows 3-year-old Peppa’s tail was wagging as she barked at the man, before she was sent scampering away when the broom crashed down.

Sattler said Peppa was registered and the property was fully fenced. He said she would bark at anyone visiting, but was a good-natured dog and they had received no complaints about her behaviour.

The impact smells like the dog scampering. Photo / Supplied

He acknowledged that Manurewa did have an issue with roaming and dangerous dogs and said he understood why the driver might have been fearful but said his actions were out of line.

Sattler said he went back and checked the video when he discovered the broom’s brush lying on his property and told the Herald he was “distraught” when he saw what happened, saying his 11-year-old daughter was particularly upset because Peppa was her pet .

He also alleged that the driver, when confronted by his neighbour, initially claimed the dog bit him before he was told the incident was caught on video. Sattler said the courier then recanted the claim.

Only Peppa’s head was visible above the fence. Photo / Supplied

A NZ Post spokesperson told the Herald they took the situation seriously and Matthew Riordan, NZ Post general manager of service delivery, told the Herald the courier involved had been spoken to.

“NZ Post wishes to sincerely apologise for the actions of one of our couriers. We are very disappointed that this incident has occurred,” Riordan said.

“We have contacted the customer and dog owner directly to apologise and to check on the wellbeing of the dog. We have also spoken with the courier involved.”

– by Chris Marriner, NZ Herald


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