No More “Poopocalypse” with Roborock’s New S7 MaxV Series

Robot vacuums are all nice and fun until you have a pet at home and you see these cleaning automatons very intelligently start dragging the poop with them… Gross is an understatement. It’s a known fact that pet waste and robot vacuums do not get along. The lack of technology to detect and maneuver around small objects means a loose pile of waste would get run over and spread around wherever the robot vacuum treads, which leads to the owner’s distress, and possibly even, to social media sensations.

Roborock, with its years-long goal of continuously revolutionizing home cleaning, has done it once again. The robot vacuum maker is introducing its brand new Roborock S7 MaxV series (yes, a complete series with 3 different product possibilities!) with an inherent focus on making the robot vacuums pet-friendly.

Roborock’s Christensen Lab continues to develop and launch innovative products with features premeditated for pet owners to make cleaning routines for homes with pets less of a hassle. From pet’s fur to pets learning to disable or disrupt a robovac’s cleaning to pet poop – the company has thought about every little “fun” hassle that comes with living with these cute little adventurers.

Increased Suction, Enhanced Hazard Detection, RGB Camera, and more

The Roborock S7 MaxV comes equipped with groundbreaking new features like Reactive AI 2.0 with 3D scanning that make it possible for the smart vacuum cleaner to detect and analyze objects, like cups socks, poop on the floor, and not just bump into things randomly. The process combines Structured Light 3D Scanning with a new neural processing unit to make S7 MaxV think and work smarter.

Roborock has also cranked up suction power. From 2000Pa in the previous models and its competitors, the new series comes packed with a massive 5100Pa suction power. Along with the other standard features of creating a virtual home with no-go zones and invisible walls, S7 MaxV is also capable of rising up when it’s in mop mode and detects a carpet. Oh, and the mopping has also received a major boost with VibraRise now basically scrubbing your floors if you need the robovac to do that!

roborock s7 maxv ultra

If you aren’t a big fan of cleaning up your robot vacuum cleaner, S7 MaxV’s main rubber brush features a molded cylindrical design that prevents hair from tangling, making cleaning very easy and much less gross.

Roborock S7 MaxV – “the” robovac for pet homes

Along with a truly intelligent mapping and detection system, S7 MaxV has several other features that make it the ultimate smart vacuum cleaner for homes with pets. Roborock S7 MaxV comes with an RGB camera and a mic that make it possible for pet parents to keep an eye on their pets or even talk to them remotely.

It also comes with a built-in child lock that can be activated remotely on the Roborock app to avoid these little quick learners from disabling or disrupting the cleaning process. Sensitive pets who get started by the vacuum noise? The Roborock S7 MaxV has a designated Quiet Mode that you can use to avoid scaring or stressing pets who aren’t big fans of their moving nemesis.

Roborock S7 MaxV series: pet-friendly, auto-emptying, and auto-cleaning docks!

You read that right! Robrock is finally in the game of docks! The company’s S7 MaxV series consists of three products that fit different needs and budgets:

  1. S7 MaxV: your trusted, pet-friendly robot vacuum cleaner
  2. S7 MaxV Plus: S7 MaxV+ an Auto Dust Emptying Dock
  3. *Release next month* S7 MaxV Ultra: S7 MaxV + All-Powerful Dock that can empty, refill, and wash the robovac unit!

Roborock S7 MaxV is available for $859.99 (early-bird discount live at Amazon), whereas the S7 MaxV Plus retails for $1159.99, which includes the smart vacuum unit and auto dust emptying unit. S7 MaxV Ultra, when it is released next month, will be the best possible smart cleaning solution money can buy.

However, for pet owners, S7 MaxV Plus is the perfect option that includes not only the most powerful robovac but also the Auto Dust Emptying Dock, which reduces your cleaning effort and limits your exposure to dust and allergens.

Introduce yourself and your pets to the world of truly intelligent, hassle-free cleaning with Roborock. Head over to the product page for more details.

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