New vegan eatery Veg Head opening in downtown Lansing

LANSING — Kari Magee went vegan three years ago.

Adapting recipes and getting creative with veggies, fruits and other vegan-friendly ingredients was easy for Magee, an executive chef with Michigan State University.

Eating out as a vegan hasn’t been.

“It was always a mind thing every time you went out to eat, like in pre-planning to go,” Magee said.

“Hey, we can go to this restaurant and we can modify this or this restaurant does have a vegan option so we’re good there,” she would tell whoever she was going with.

In Greater Lansing the vegan options are sparse, Magee said: “I tended to just go to those places that had those options.”

Veg Head, the vegan restaurant she’s teaming up to open in Lansing’s downtown with Shawn Elliott, a partner in Midtown Brewing Company and real estate developer, will offer a full vegan menu.

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