‘My husband’s love child is allergic to dogs but I refuse to rehome my pets’

The wife decided to forgive her husband after he got another woman pregnant – but has drawn the line at getting rid of her two French bulldogs because their ‘love child’ is allergic to them

She refuses to get rid of her dogs

Every relationship has its ups and downs – but it takes a strong couple to work through their problems rather than throwing in the towel.

But one wife has said ‘enough is enough’ after her husband’s ‘other woman’ demanded she rehomed her two French bulldogs because their love child is allergic to them.

Venting to Reddit, the woman explained how her husband had a one night stand – but, after much counselling, she decided to forgive him.

She said: “Unfortunately the woman got pregnant, and they now have a three-year-old boy.

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Her husband got another woman pregnant


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“I have two five-year-old French bulldogs and two kids with my husband – a 14-year-old girl and a nine-year-old boy.

“Unfortunately as they’re short-haired dogs, they tend to produce the most reaction in those who are allergic.

“I was fully prepared to welcome this child into my home with open arms and be the best stepmother I could possibly be, as the child is innocent and he is the little brother of my two children. My husband has visitation every other weekend.

“Unfortunately this child is highly allergic to dogs, and his mother is demanding that we get rid of the dogs.

“These dogs have been with me through thick and thin, they were there with me when I suffered severe depression over my husband cheating and my kids adore them too.”

Refusing to get rid of her dogs, the woman told her husband he can either do visitation at a hotel or get a second apartment for him and his son.

She also suggested building an in-law unit above the garage at his own expense.

“Because the child is so young he doesn’t understand why he’s not allowed to come to the house and feels left out as a result,” she added.

“When my husband was hemming and hawing because he wanted to be all things to all people I told him I will divorce him well before I do away with the dogs.”

While most users agreed she should keep her dogs, others praised her for her ‘reasonable’ solutions which would enable her husband to keep his son safe during visitation.

One user said: “The kid is three. If he’s feeling left out, that’s because the adults around him are framing it as a problem rather than a super cool thing he gets to do with just daddy.

“That said, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the things you may not have fully thought through when you decided to accept your husband’s affair. You may need to revisit that.”

Another user added: “To be fair the ‘other woman’ may not have known she was sleeping with a married man. Plenty of men lie about being married.

“Don’t budget on the dogs though. The dogs are more loyal than your husband. Keep the dogs.”

A third added: “Keep the dogs. Get rid of husband. Wild that the woman who had an affair with your husband thinks she gets to dictate to you what animals you can have in your home.”

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