Memphis BBQ team M/W Smokers turns hobby into line of sauces, rubs

“We had to find a way to fund our hobby.”

That’s the response Brian Cox — jokingly — gives when asked about the line of barbecue sauce and dry rubs he launched with two of his Memphis-based M/W Smokers competition barbecue team members Brian Wynn and Brandon Massey.

Meat Whiskey Memphis Original Barbecue Sauce, Hog Toss Memphis Original Barbecue Championship BBQ Rub and Stack House “All Day Every Day” Rub are the building blocks M/W Smokers uses in competition, and now others can use them on their own home grill.

“Friends, family and cooking are the base of our good times,” Cox said. “These sauces and rubs are the base of our grill … and we want to share this.”

M/W Smokers team members, Brian Wynn (center), from left, Brian Cox and Brandon Massey have launched the Meat Whiskey line of BBQ sauce and dry rubs after honing their skills competing at the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.

Memphis-style sauces and rubs

Meat Whiskey is a barbecue sauce that Wynn describes as “a unique mixture of Memphis, Kansas City and Texas flavors.”

“It’s sweet and tangy with a kick on the back end,” Wynn said. “It’s an all-around sauce you can literally put on anything.”

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