Man Gets Furious After Fiancée’s Carelessness Gets His Dog Sick, Cancels The Wedding

Though it’d be wonderful to experience that fairytale love, Hollywood movie endings are usually pretty uncommon. Long-term relationships are never easy and are quite challenging to maintain; your world literally doubles in size, and you’re no longer alone, meaning that you’ll always have to consider your significant other’s opinions, thoughts, worries and wishes.

Despite its complicatedness, many couples are capable of thriving and even saving their potentially escaping connection, but only if they were committed to it from the very beginning. Some, though, aren’t too invested into putting any sort of effort into their partnership and, without even realizing, endure it until one big fight triggers its ending.

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Sometimes what seemed like a promising relationship was simply doomed to fail

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Every relationship is different. Some have more downs than ups – others don’t even realize that their feelings have been already long gone. “AITA for canceling my wedding because fiancee almost got my dog ​​killed?” – this online user took it to everyone’s favorite subreddit to reveal his rather terrifying story and to find out whether he is, in fact, a jerk.

Guy wonders if he’s wrong for calling off his wedding after his fiancée’s carelessness nearly kills his dog

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The author began his post by revealing that he and his significant other have been together for 4 years and engaged for 6 months. The OP also shared that he is an owner to a 7-year-old lab mix that he absolutely adores – however, something quite unsettling happened to him during his fiancée’s bachelorette party.

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Before the long-awaited bachelorette party, the author went to stay with his parents but decided to leave the dog at home because his fiancée loves to have him around. He made sure to tell her to put the pet in their bedroom once the party got going – however, in the early morning, the man got a distraught call saying that there was something wrong with their Labrador. The woman was seriously intoxicated, so he simply told her to get a taxi and go to the emergency veterinary clinic.

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When the author arrived, he noticed that his fiancee was extremely stressed and two of her friends revealed that the dog was alive, but not doing well. Turns out, the dog had managed to ingest large amounts of alcohol and chocolate edibles, as the women carelessly left everything on the short coffee tables. Once they got home, the man immediately told the woman to pack up and called off their wedding. A few hours later, he was bombarded with multiple messages from his now ex-fiancée’s relatives and friends, telling him that he’s insane for doing so after being together for 4 years.

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Naturally, the man went to look for comfort in his friends and family – however, they all defended the woman, saying that it was just an accident. His sister was shocked that he decided to cancel the wedding over such reason and his best man said that he might’ve overreacted. Though, despite having everyone against him, the OP said that he won’t be able to look into his former partner’s eyes, purely because of how disgusted he is at this situation.

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He then goes on to reveal that it’s not the first time that something has happened due to his ex-fiancée’s irresponsibility. She texts while driving, constantly leaves stuff on the stove – basically never misses a chance to get herself in a dangerous situation. It’s not something that the author holds against her, but it does worry him as he gets scared that she might get herself or someone else killed.

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Since he uploaded the story, the man realized that it’s not about the dog at all. He shared that his ex-partner’s irresponsible lifestyle is not something that he wants to be a part of. The author decided that he would prefer being a jerk now over having to spend his life worrying about his partner accidentally doing something to their potential child.

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