Lincoln man’s charming cooking videos have made him a TikTok star

Adam Libby can’t go anywhere in his hometown of Lincoln without being recognized. As a cheerful, funny people-pleaser, Libby was already well known around town — and that was even before he became a TikTok celebrity.

Libby’s TikTok account, Chef Adam Libby, has 1.7 million followers who can’t get enough of the videos of the charming amateur chef preparing — and then, most importantly, eating — an array of dishes.

It may take Libby, who has Down syndrome and turns 31 on Thursday, a little longer to create treats like pork belly tacos, maple-glazed salmon and pecan pie than some other chefs, but the journey is just as delicious as the destination.

Libby’s twin sister, Emily McCormick-Libby — who with her wife, Sara, helps make the videos and manage her brother’s blossoming career as an influencer — said the experience has been transformative for him.

“Adam has always been an entertainer. He loves to perform,” Emily McCormick-Libby said. “He’s become even happier, and more independent since this started. He’s found a passion that he’d never had before. He’s learning new things all the time. He’s more confidant. It’s been huge for him.”

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