Kaley Cuoco “Devastated” After Being Shut Out Of Highly Anticipated Sequel

By James Brizuela | 13 seconds ago

Kaley Cuoco is one of the most popular figures on television, as she spent a good amount of time on the hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. She followed that up with a role as the voice of Harley Quinn for the Harley Quinn Show. She is also the star of the hit HBO series, The Flight Attendant. Simply put, the woman is a phenom on television shows. While she remains a huge part of the television circuit, her film roles have been a bit more minimal in comparison. That could be due to her success on TV, but she did audition for a big film and was passed over for another big star. Cuoco was recently interviewed, where she revealed her audition for the Knives Out 2 sequel didn’t go the way she had thought it would.

Kaley Cuoco was interviewed by Glamour, in which the interviewer asked if there was a role in which the actress wanted to do after appearing on The Big Bang Theory. According to the actress, “Oh, yes. It was actually quite recent. It was the sequel for Knives Out. And I was convinced [the part was mine]. Kate Hudson ended up getting it. But I was so convinced that my bags were packed for Greece. And then I didn’t get it. I was so devastated. And I’m not [normally] devastated over roles. I had done chemistry reads, I had done Zooms. And I didn’t get it. I cried and I cried all night long.” That is certainly devastating considering how massive the cast is for this highly anticipated sequel. Cuoco also commented on her missing the opportunity to appear alongside Daniel Craig. Craig plays that of the titular detective, Benoit Blanc. Ethan Hawke, Kate Hudson (who got the role over Cuoco), Dave Bautista, Kathryn Hahn, and Edward Norton are all part of this star-studded cast for Knives Out 2. Anyone would be fortunate to land a role in a film of this magnitude. The original Knives Out was much of the same level of talent.

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Kaley Cuoco may have missed out on appearing in Knives Out 2, but her roles in films are starting to pick up steam. Her newest will be in a film called The Man from Toronto, where she will appear alongside Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart. The action-comedy should be a hit for Netflix, considering both Hart and Harrelson are big stars. The Sony-produced venture was initially slated for an August release in theaters, but has since been bought by Netflix, and will debut exclusively on the streaming platform. No date has been given yet, but it could be around the same time in the summer months. Cuoco is also set to star alongside Pete Davidson in a film called Meet Cute.

Kaley Cuoco may have missed out on appearing in Knives Out 2but she is hopeful that she may yet get her chance to appear in Knives Out 3, which has already been announced. With the usual ensemble cast that comes along with these films, she has a good shot at finally being thrust into this developing franchise. For the time being, she is still part of an award-winning series in The Flight Attendant. Her performance in the series has been nominated for Best Actress in the Golden Globes and Emmys. She may not have received her role in a blockbuster hit just yet, but her career is still going rather well. She may just see her time next to Daniel Craig sooner rather than later.

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