It’s All About Money, Who Pays – Truth about Pet Food

Even though it is a violation of the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act…

…the FDA allows this…

…and this…

…to be disposed of in pet food with NO warning or disclosure to pet owners.

How could the FDA actually believe diseased animals and decomposing animal carcasses are safe for pets to consume? Provide adequate nutrition to our pets?

How could the FDA intentionally ignore the laws they are charged with enforcing?

How could the FDA – an agency that claims to be science based – allow diseased and decomposing animal carcasses to be disposed of in pet food without providing scientific evidence this material is safe and provides adequate nutrition for pets? (We asked for the science, FDA couldn’t find it.)

And worse yet, how could the FDA knowingly allow consumers to be deceived, refusing to require pet food manufacturers to disclose the use of ingredients sourced from diseased and decomposing animal carcasses?

We still don’t know how FDA can do these things, how a federal agency can allow law to be violated and consumers to be deceived for decades – but now we know why.

Below is a quote from a 2004 document prepared for Congress on the rendering industry. This quote explains the why.

Who should pay?‘ The ‘vast amounts of inedible materials’ are disposed of in pet food because they can’t be incinerated, they can’t go to landfills. The livestock industry doesn’t want to pay to dispose of them, government doesn’t want to pay to dispose of the material.

So…somewhere in the history of pet food, it was decided that pets and pet owners were the ones who should pay‘. Someone decided that it was acceptable for pets to eat ingredients sourced from “premature deaths, herd culls, and slaughter byproducts“, and acceptable for pet owners to pay for industry waste without their knowledge. Who originally made the decision is unknown, but today it is allowed SOLELY because of the FDA.

The FDA is using pets and pet owners as a
garbage disposal system.

Personal opinion: The FDA openly admits on their website this material is illegal/adulterated/a violation of federal law (Click Here, see question 4). And they openly admit they allow illegal material in pet food with no warning or disclosure to consumers.

The agency claims this illegal material is safe, yet they have NEVER provided scientific evidence it is safe for pets to consume diseased or decomposing non-slaughtered animal material. The FDA has never provided scientific evidence pet foods with these illegal ingredients are safe to bring into our homes, safe to be sold in grocery stores along side of human food and safe for children to handle or accidentally consume.

The FDA is fully aware of this material has sickened employees of pet food manufacturing (I participated in a conference call meeting between sick employees and FDA, I heard first hand what the agency was told).

The FDA is fully aware that employees of pet food and ingredient manufacturing have died directly linked to these illegal ingredients. The agency has taken no steps to prevent future human illness/death related to these ingredients.

This is criminal and the FDA should be treated no differently than any other individual who commits a crime. Others have been required to pay large financial penalties and some have served long prison sentences for food safety criminal activity. When will FDA be held accountable for their crimes?

Wishing you and your pet the best –

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Association for Truth in Pet Food

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