Internet Obsessed With Man Inventing Clever Chip and Dip Bowl Hack: ‘Hero’

Chips and dips are the perfect snack food for parties, evenings in front of the TV, and heading to the movies. That is until the dip falls from your chip and slides off, leaving you with a soggy—yet mostly plain—chip and a mess to clean up from the floor.

A first-world problem, sure, but a problem nonetheless. Thankfully one innovative Reddit user has found a solution. On Thursday, Achaeminus shared his custom invention on the site—a bowl with an inward fold.

The simple yet ingenious idea has impressed Reddit users, gaining more than 67,000 upvotes and thousands of comments.

A picture of the chip and dip bowl invented by one Redditor to prevent dip slipping while enjoying his favorite snack.

From Sydney, Australia, Achaeminus told Newsweek: “I’m a senior visual designer and industrial designer for a hobby. I had the constant problem of scooping the remaining food bits from my brother’s daughter on the side and after checking online for specialized bowls I did not find one with a pronounced angle , especially for food that is actually too liquid.”

Unable to find the product he was looking for, the designer began sketching a few models himself. “I booked a chat with a local pottery friend to know how viable the idea was to be crafted without breaking the inward fold in the kiln,” explained Achaeminus: “After the first prototype I added a couple more ‘perks’ to the bowl, like thickness and a gloss coat to make it easy to wash.”

Now three years after creating the initial prototype, Achaeminus says he is now working on a stackable design as a future project.

Reddit users were impressed with the idea. One commenter said: “This bowl is great and I need one,” while another wrote: “Dip smarter, not harder.”

“My man living in the year 3050,” joked one Redditor. While another suggested: “You can call it Guaca Bowli.”

“You, Sir, are there hero we all have needed. Keep it up,” said another commenter.

Last year, we shared some of our favorite kitchen gadgets, from the StirMate Smart Pot Stirrer to the Cup Board Pro Cutting and Carving Board. But many of the kitchen gadgets we take for granted may not have been around for as long as you think.

The microwave was first introduced in 1967 by the Amana Corporation and only became affordable for home use in the late 1970s. Before that, German entrepreneur Melitta Bentz created the first drip coffee maker in 1908 made with a filter crafted from blotting paper.

A handful of chip and dip fans on the viral post pointed out that similar products are now available, including the Chip Lip, which is built with an inward curve to solve the same problem. But it didn’t deter many commenters, with many more dying to get their hands on the bowl: “Shut up and take my money,” said one commenter.

“I’m not intending to sell or patent the idea or product,” said Achaeminus: “I truly hope that humble designers use this concept to boost their sales and inspired many others to create something better.”

“Holy s***, that’s genius,” said one Reddit user, while another would-be consumer said: “Modern problems require modern solutions.”

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