Internet Loves Dog’s Dramatic Reaction to Getting Caught Chewing Mom’s Shoe

You’ve heard of “crying wolf,” but what about “crying dog?”

A golden retriever has gone viral for its hilarious reaction to getting caught eating their owner’s shoes.

In a post shared to TikTok on Tuesday, April 26 by user @cleezus, which can be viewed here, Beau the dog gets a good telling off after his mom comes home to find her shoes destroyed.

In the clip, cleezus—real-name Cleo—can be heard yelling: “No, what is that? What did you do?” as she and her partner walk in the door.

She then turns to Beau, who immediately begins “sobbing.” When he’s finished with his award-winning performance, he runs over to his owner for a cuddle.

TikTokers loved the dog’s cry for attention, with the post receiving over 7.2 million views, more than 1 million likes and 6,900 comments.


Aubrey Mullens commented: “Say you forgive him right now.”

Yazzi said: “Wait, is he legit crying & then going in for the hug of forgiveness [pleading face emojis] I cannot with goldens.”

To which Cleo replied: “Don’t fall for it, he does this act everytime. He knows he was naughty, he’s rehearsed it.”

It’s no secret that dogs love to chew, but this is especially true for teething puppies and adolescent dogs (aged between 6 months and 2-years-old). This includes Beau, who according to an earlier video by Cleo, was born towards the end of 2020. However, dogs of all ages enjoy chewing on items—even if they aren’t always edible (for example, this husky that got caught chewing a door).

A 2021 study published in Applied Animal Behavior and Science found that younger dogs preferred to munch on objects such as clothing and shoes, whereas older dogs were more prone to chewing their beds or resting places. However, all dogs seemed to love chewing pillows. To stop your dog making a meal out of household items, make sure they have an adequate supply of chew toys, bones or sticks for them to nibble on. If the problem is becoming excessive, your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety or another behavioral issue, so speak to your vet to check everything is OK.

Several users suggested that Beau was actually framed, and that Rue the cat—who can be seen very close to the destroyed shoes in the video—should be investigated.

Busymum01 said: “The cat is definitely responsible.”

Mikey agreed, writing: “Can I point out that the cat is closest to the evidence…blame him.”

However, Cleo ruled the cat out as a suspect, saying: “Rue’s 3 month old kitten teeth could NEVER.”

Beau isn’t the only dog ​​using manipulative tactics to avoid getting told off. Earlier this month, a fellow golden retriever called Luna was caught on camera pretending to be asleep to get out of trouble.

Newsweek has reached out to @cleezus for comment.

A golden retriever puppy chewing a woman’s shoe. Beau’s owner Cleo claimed the dog had “rehearsed” his performance.
SamuelBrownNG/iStock/Getty Images Plus

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