Internet Horrified After Woman Finds Huge Snake Ate Bluebird She Renested

The internet has been left horrified after a woman found a huge snake had eaten a baby bluebird that she had renested.

In a post shared on the 2.3 million-strong natureismetal forum, Reddit user u/ebreder shared a photo of the unexpected new occupant of the bird box.

The forum is known for posts about the brutality of nature, and the uploaded picture proved that animals can be incredibly ruthless and have little regard for the feeling of human beings.

Reddit user u/ebreder shared a photo of a snake coiled up in the bird box, which can be seen here, along with the caption: “I renested a baby bluebird and went to check on him the next morning.”

Stock image of a snake. The internet was surprised to see the snake had made its home in the birdbox. And there was no sign of the bird.

With the clear implication, the bird had been eaten (and a clear sign of nature’s brutality) many Reddit users flocked to the post, which was upvoted some 23,600 times.

The user later added: “I’m just glad it was a snake and not a cat tbh (to be honest) and that he wasn’t in there the night before when I renested the bird.

“I felt better after confirming with my husband, he’s tall enough to see into the box, that the snake was definitely not present when I put the bird in there.”

Unsurprisingly, many people flooded the post with their opinions about what happened, and since being uploaded on Saturday, May 28, some 685 people had commented on it.

One Reddit user said: “When you think you’ve saved a bird, but you really fed a snake.”

Another added: “Snakes are just part of the natural environment. Feral and outdoor pet are destructive pests.”

A third commented: “Like, I want to be sad about the baby bird but seeing that snake all content got me all OK with the entire situation.”

Newsweek has contacted u/ebreder for comment.

According to BirdSpot, a British website for bird lovers, there are several things that can be done to keep bird boxes safe.

Among the things bird box owners can do to keep birds safe while inside, include:

  • Train pets to stay away from the bird box
  • Remove any perches from the bird box as it can provide a useful place for predators to gain access into the inside
  • Choose a bird box with the smallest opening for the species you want to nest, as a hole that is too large could welcome predators in
  • Keep the bird box away from bushes where predators can hide and put it in a place where it can blend with similarly-colored surroundings
  • Make sure your bird box has ventilation holes so fresh air can circulate inside

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