Internet ‘Crying’ As Duck Without Waterproof Feathers Gets Custom Raincoat

Most of the time, ducks are known for their love of water, but a duck with a feather condition has gained viral attention after her owner posted a video showing how she had made her pet a custom raincoat.

The delightful video was shared by motherthemountain on TikTok on Sunday where it has since received more than 12 million views.

In the video, it is explained that Bee the duck has a feather condition which means she cannot keep herself dry. Wet feather is a condition that occurs when a duck’s feathers become water-logged and lose their ability to repel water. This can affect their ability to swim and to dry off when wet, which can sometimes cause ducks to get sick.

To protect Bee the duck from the rain, her owner crafted her a custom raincoat that she shows off in the delightful video.

With a yellow trim, clear body, necktie and hood, the raincoat has thrilled viewers on the video-sharing app who have liked the post more than 3 million times and rushed to add comments.

“Absolutely precious,” said one commenter, while another TikToker wrote: “Tell Bee she looks gorgeous in her new raincoat.”

“This makes my heart so happy,” wrote one viewer, while another comment said: “I’m crying this is so cute.”

Sisters Julia and Anastasia Vanderbyl have been sharing their lives on TikTok and YouTube since 2020 as they care for a regenerative farm on the east coast of Australia. With more than 315,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1 million followers on TikTok, their calming content that falls into the popular cottagecore format is loved worldwide.

“This should be a children’s book omg my heart,” said one viewer of the viral video.

Another TikTok user wrote: “That’s the cutest thing ever.”

In the US many people keep ducks as pets. If you’re looking to add a duck to your home, it is important to check that your local municipality allows this as some areas will not permit any poultry to be kept as pets and other areas will allow only chickens, for example.

Pet MD says that ducks make fantastic pets, calling them “feathered balls of personality” and explaining that they lay eggs more regularly than chickens and can live for 10-15 years when well cared for.

However, they do require quite a bit of looking after and can also be pretty noisy, so neighbors may not appreciate your feathered friends as much as you do.

“This is my favorite video I’ve seen on TikTok,” wrote one viewer of the video featuring Bee and her new coat. Meanwhile, another viewer said: “That’s literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Newsweek has reached out to motherthemountain for comment.

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A video of a duck wearing a custom raincoat has melted hearts online. A file photo of a duck with small yellow ducklings.
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