Internet Can’t Stop Laughing After Groomer Gives Dog ‘Mohawk’ Hair Cut

Hair trends aren’t only for humans. Just ask this Afghan Hound, whose luscious locks are worthy of a celebrity stylist. Or this dog, whose at-home haircut went horribly wrong (on the plus side, mullets are making a comeback).

Well, one pooch’s trip to the groomers didn’t quite go as expected. u/Twisted_NaeNae shared a snap of her cousin’s dog Henry to Reddit’s r/aww forum, and users couldn’t get enough of the pup’s disgruntled expression.

They wrote: “(OC) Y’all. This is my cousin’s dog Henry, who was given a mohawk haircut from groomer. We have been laughing for 2 days.”

The post, which was shared on Tuesday 26 April (view it here), has received almost 42,000 upvotes and 12,000 comments in less than 24 hours.

Whole-enchilada said: “Henry is about done with your bulls***.”

While Jjconstantine commented: “Poor guy probably has no idea why everyone keeps laughing at him.”

Fergus74 pointed out that the patch of white fur on Henry’s neck “looks like a middle finger.”

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After his session at the groomers, Redditors couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between Henry’s new style and multiple celebrities.

Leicanthrope commented: “I’m seeing Tommy Chong, oddly enough.”

SugarBoogers said: “Like a young Abe Lincoln.”

Multiple Redditors reported a clear likeness to veteran Western actor Sam Elliott.

Lo-Fi_Pioneer wrote: “Someone PLEASE Photoshop has Sam Elliott worthy mustache on this regal hound!”

02overthrown said: “I was definitely getting “Sam Elliott in Gettysburg” vibes.”

1980s icon Mr T. was another popular choice, with Cru_Jones86 joking: “Just needs some gold chains.”

Many users saw a strong resemblance between Henry and actor Jonathan Banks, who plays corrupt private investigator Mike Ehrmantraut in breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul. So much so, that DiveCat proposed an all-dog remake of the crime drama.

They wrote: “Featuring Walter Whippet, who after a devastating cancer diagnosis, accompanies his brother in law, Hank Hound, on a drug bust and subsequently starts a lucrative, yet highly risky, path of making the notoriously potent drug that earns it’s own street name: Blue Milk (Bones).Also featuring Gus Frenchie, Jesse Pinscher, and Saul Goldendoodle.

“Yes, its a mouthful and could use some tweaking, but 110% would keep my Netflix subscription for this.”

Newsweek has reached out to /Twisted_NaeNae for comment.

A pet groomer giving a brown dog a hair cut in a salon. Redditors compared Henry the dog’s grooming fail to celebrities including “Mr T.” and Mike from ‘Breaking Bad.’
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