Internet Backs Man for Choosing Cat Over Girlfriend

The internet has backed a man for choosing his cat over his girlfriend in a new social media post that is going viral.

Posted to Reddit’s “AmITheA**hole” forum, a man under the username u/jacob_c22 shared his story to let the “AITA” community decide if he is in the wrong. The viral post has 6,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The Reddit user’s girlfriend of two years had recently moved in with him, his 16-year-old daughter and their cat. About a week into living together, his girlfriend had really bad allergies and went to the doctors to find out that she is allergic to cats.

Between the years 2017 and 2018, there were roughly 31.8 million households in the United States that had at least one cat, per the American Veterinary Medical Association.

A Redditor took to the “AmITheA**hole” forum to see if he was in the wrong for picking his cat over his girlfriend.
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“This cat my daughter and I adopted when the cat was just a kitten and my daughter was 13, and during that time she was dealing with a lot of drama with fake friends,” he wrote. “So this cat in the 3 years we had her has helped my daughter out a lot.”

Though u/jacob_c22 says he’s never been a cat person, his daughter’s cat is so important to her, it’s impossible to get rid of her. He insisted that his girlfriend should find some type of medicine to help with the allergies.

She got upset by his comment and that he is not getting rid of the cat for her. She explained to him that his daughter “will get over it.” He said that she got her mom into the argument by “calling him names” and that “he doesn’t have his priorities straight.”

Redditors were quick to defend the original poster (OP) in the comment section.

“[Not the A**hole]. Daughter came first, cat came second, gf came third. Get rid of them in reverse order only. She’s joining a cat family. Take the meds or don’t move in,” u/Apotheuncary received the top comment with over 13,000 upvotes.

“Cat was there first. She doesn’t have to live there. [Not the A**hole] – #teamcat,” u/suspicious-pepper-31 wrote, many other users also using the hashtag “#teamcat.”

“[Not the A**hole]. Others have said it all already, so I’ll just add, make sure that cat is microchipped. I foresee a ‘he got out and ran away’ in your future,” u/MySquishyFishy warned.

U/TrelanaSakuyo said, “[Not the A**hole]. It’s amazing she didn’t know. She had to have noticed she was getting stuffy after staying at your house for longer periods of time. She has no right to insist on this.”

Newsweek reached out to u/jacob_c22 for comment.

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