How To Watch Casey Neistat’s David Dobrik Documentary, Under The Influence

Right as the conflict between former friends David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek was heating up, Casey Neistat announced that he would be releasing a documentary titled, “Under the Influence.”

The documentary is about Dobrik and his rise and fall were first viewed on March 12, 2022, at South by Southwest.

And those who got a first look at the action may be left feeling even more horrified by Dobrik’s 2021 downfall.

As reviews emerged online, revealing the internet’s favorite vlogger to be even more controversial than previously thought, fans have one question.

How can you watch Casey Neistat’s David Dobrik documentary, Under The Influence?

The documentary has not yet been released to the public as Neistat is still seeking distributors to pick up the piece.

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For now, “Under The Influence” has just been shown exclusively at South by Southwest initially, leaving the internet only clips, previews, and some really potent quotes.

Critics that have seen the documentary are raving about it.


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