How a Sioux Falls bird, Huey, made it back home after 4 winter months

It was a cold, dark January night when Holly Tieszen let her dogs out in her backyard before going to bed.

Her Green-Cheeked Conure, Huey, was perched on her finger, like he was just about every night.

But something spooked the small green parrot. He flew off Tieszen’s finger and into the night before she could react. She ushered her poodle and golden doodle inside and called for Huey in the backyard. She saw a green blur circling the yard, but then he disappeared again.

Tieszen couldn’t leave her home to search for the bird. Her husband was deployed and her three children were asleep in bed.

Her hopes of finding the family pet were low. The tropical bird likely couldn’t tolerate the South Dakota cold, and he couldn’t survive off bird seed like cardinals or robins in the area.

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