House on sale for £595k comes with a cat who doesn’t want to leave

Fancy a cottage complete with a furry friend? (Picture: Jacksons Property Service/Triangle News)

House-hunters will know that the property market is currently a dark and miserable place.

Here’s a bright spot to revive your faith and get you back to browsing property porn.

A five-bed cottage on the market for £595,000 comes with an unexpected bonus: a cat.

No, this is not an especially creative freebie from an estate agent. Instead, this is a feline friend who doesn’t really fancy leaving the place they call home.

The listing for the property, in Littlebeck, near Whitby, reads: ‘The property also could come with a cat as the residing one would like to stay if possible.’

Fair play to the kitty – it’s a place we wouldn’t give up too easily.

exterior of cottage on the market

The property is in Littlebeck, Whitby (Picture: Jackson Property Service/Triangle News)

sky view of cottage up for sale

It’s on the market for £595,000 (Picture: Jackson Property Service/Triangle News)

The home is a Victorian Gothic-style cottage with five bedrooms and loads of quirky original features, including rosemary tiles and teak fascia boards.

There’s a study, a kitchen, a dining room, and lounge on the ground floor, and outside is a large garden, complete with a pigsty and an area for chickens – so you can live your full cottagecore dreams.

‘The house is oozing with period charm and is incredibly individual,’ says the listing.

A THREE-bed cottage on the market for ??595,000 comes with a surprise - a free CAT.  TRIANGLE NEWS 0208 629 3622 // By Andy Crick The quaint, Victorian Gothic-style house boasts original teak fascia boards and rosemary tiles.  It has a large garden with a pigsty and room for chickens too.  There is a study as well a kitchen, dining room and lounge on the ground floor which are ???oozing with period charm.???  As well as the three bedrooms on the second floor there are also two additional ones in the converted loft.  But the added bonus is that the moggy who currently lives there wants to stay at the home in Littlebeck, near Whitby, North Yorks.  The house is on the market with estate agents Jackson Property Service and advertised by Rightmove.  *TRIANGLE NEWS DOES NOT CLAIM ANY COPYRIGHT OR LICENSE IN THE ATTACHED MATERIAL.  ANY DOWNLOADING FEES CHARGED BY TRIANGLE NEWS ARE FOR OF OR CONNECTED IN ANY WAY WITH USER'S PUBLICATION OF THE MATERIAL* TRIANGLE NEWS SERVICES ONLY, AND DO NOT, NOR ARE THEY INTENDED TO, CONVEY TO THE USER ANY COPYRIGHT OR LICENSE IN THE MATERIAL.  BY PUBLISHING THIS MATERIAL , THE USER EXPRESSLY AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND TO HOLD TRIANGLE NEWS HARMLESS FROM ANY CLAIMS, DEMANDS, OR CAUSES OF ACTION ARISING OUT OR CONNECTED IN ANY WAY WITH USER'S PUBLICATION OF THE MATERIAL*

It’s got loads of unusual original features (Picture: Jackson Property Service/Triangle News)

‘It is located close to a protected nature reserve so there is wildlife in abundance including bats to add to the atmospheric feel.

‘For any one in need of a new familiar the property also could come with a cat as the residing one would like to stay if possible.

‘Everything for a new fairytale lifestyle.’

Alas, we don’t have any photos of your new cat pal, but we’re sure they’re great. Any cat that just refuses to leave somewhere is brilliant in our books.

Plus, as we all know, you don’t choose a cat – they choose you.

So do make sure to be on your best behavior at the viewing… and perhaps pack some treats in your pocket.

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