Here’s how many endings fans found in ‘In Space With Markiplier’

Mark Fischbach has released the much-anticipated first part of In Space With Markiplier but how many endings did fans find so far?

The 32-year-old is one of the most popular content creators and YouTubers with impressive 32.5 million subscribers on his channel and 9.8 million Instagram followers.

After the success of the 2019 original A Heist With MarkiplierMark has returned with another interactive game that has blown over social media.

Please keep in mind that this article contains spoilers for In Space With Markiplier if you are yet to discover the endings of the first part.

Markplier on YouTube

In Space With Markiplier

In Space With Markiplier is a two-part interactive series written and directed by filmmaker and YouTuber Mark Fischbach. The first part was released to fans on Monday, April 4th, 2022.

The first part, which is a combination of an interactive game and a sci-fi film, sees Mark take the role of a lead engineer on a space ship.

The end of it gives people the opportunity to choose between fixing the support system of the space ship or putting out a fire that had started.

Those two decisions then open two separate videos where the journey branches out on to several different paths and multiple endings.

Here’s how many endings fans found

Many viewers have taken to Twitter and Reddit to share how many endings they have found so far. The results vary for everyone based on the paths they have been able to discover.

One viewer explained in the comment section of the YouTube video: “There’s no actual like “named endings” if that makes sense. Like the ones in A Heist With Markiplier you know? Some of them have cutscenes like endings but no actual name, it just continues on and eventually you’ll end up in a time loop.”

“Speed ​​running through In Space with Markiplier and already got 3 endings. This is much more elaborate and longer than Heist and I love it omg,” reacted another viewer on Twitter.

“Isn’t it just me or do you feel like the endings for in space with Markiplier were unsatisfying?” asked another fan. “They all ended exactly the same. Did I miss a huge part? Someone please help me.”

In Space With Markiplier is long,” wrote another one. “I’ve watched for two hours and gotten 3 endings, which 2 are the same. Love it though, so proud of mark and everyone involved.”

When does the second part come out?

The second part of In Space with Markiplier will be dropped on Monday, May 2nd, 2022.

The first part of the interactive series was released on April 4th to celebrate Mark’s ten-year YouTube anniversary.

At the time of writing, the introductory video has gained 2.8 million views and sits on number 1 in trending videos on YouTube.

As of April 2022, Mark’s YouTube channel has gained over 17.9 billion total video views in addition to the channel’s 32.5 million subscribers.

Congratulations to Mark on the ten-year anniversary!

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